Organizing photos into albums in Zooomr using SmartSets

Blogger Jhay Rocas sent me an e-mail a few weeks back to inquire on how to organize photos into albums in Zooomr, akin to the sets in Flickr.

I host all my photos in Zooomr not just because the service offers unlimited photo uploading but, more importantly, its terms of use is more lenient. Unlike Flickr, Zooomr allows you to link a thumbnail to a larger version of the photo and not just to its photo page. I need this feature for the snazzy image loading effect I use in this blog.

Organizing your photos into sets or albums in Zooomr is simple, it’s just a matter of assigning unique tags to it. Zooomr has a SmartSets feature that allows you to organize photos.

To simplify the use of sets, use the juploadr tool to upload your photos. The tool simplifies not just the uploading process but also the editing of the photos’ data—its titles, captions, and more importantly, tags.

Before uploading the photos you want to organize into sets, assign them unique tags.

When the photos have been uploaded, click on the Build a SmartSet link on the sidebar, under the Things To Do heading.

You will be taken to the page that will help you build the set. Once there, you have the option to group photos according to: their tags, the time they were taken or uploaded, the owner of the photos, the people in it, the photos’ geo-tags, and even the number of views.

What I’d do is create a set based on the unique tags I assigned to a series of photographs. I’d then add another criteria to include only photos I own. This will prevent photos of other people who may have the same tags to appear in my set.

After creating the criteria for matching photos for the set, you will then be asked to enter a title for the set as well as a short introduction to it. When you click on the save button, the system will then go through your photos and organize these into sets based on your matching criteria.

Unlike Flickr’s free account, which limits you to just three sets, Zooomr allows you to build multiple sets.

If you want to add photos to your set, just assign it tags for that set.

Here’s a short video on organizing photos into Zooomr SmartSets. In the video, my first attempt to group the photos failed because while I assigned the photos the tag “rhythmboxk750i,” I used as matching criteria “rhythmboxk750.” I fixed it by editing the tag:

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3 responses

  1. It was that simple?! Oh my…this geek must be loosing his touch. Thanks a lot for this how-to Max. 😀

  2. You’re welcome Jhay. 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I can’t seen to create smartsets in zooomr. I already created tags, but I cannot find the “things to do” link. watching your video, it seems that your zooomr page is different than mine. Is your zooomr account a pro account? Can I create sets on a free account?

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