“Mac and Media” orientation

“Mac and Media” orientation, originally uploaded by maxlimpag.

The Mac mini: finally, a CPU that is possible to misplace. I’ve seen photos of the Mac mini and I’ve read specifications of its dimensions but I was shocked by how small it really is when i saw it. The Mac Mini is even smaller than the hardbound edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and to think that I misplaced that book. It’s not as if you’d be lugging the Mac Mini around, which you can, it’s that the computer is so small you’d wonder at how Apple engineers managed to fit the parts in it. The Mac Mini has a DVD drive but it doesn’t have a disk tray, just a disk slot.

Dreamtech Enterprises, an authorized Apple reseller and service center in Cebu, held an orientation for journalists and members of a photography group at the City Sports Club. I didn’t finish the orientation because I had to catch a chat schedule for an online course I’m taking. I’m scheduled to interview Dreamtech owner Richard Lee, though, for a feature on the Mac Mini for Sun.Star Cebu’s Cybercafe section.

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  1. Moving to Cebu early next year. I have 2 G4’s and an iMac. Could you give me contact address or number for DreamTech Enterprises. I will need to but a new monitor etc.


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