Judging people by their phones

What’s your phone? Mine’s a Sony Ericsson and, according to a survey by Nielsen Media Research, I’m likely to be an ambitious, success-driven, professional, and individualistic young man.

Nielsen Media Research, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, found in a survey in Australia that certain customer types were attracted to certain phone brands.

I’d like to believe I fit the profile of the group that showed an inclination towards Sony Ericsson. I certainly am ambitious. At 31, I can still be young, depending on which side of the age line you are on. I’m also deeply individualistic although I make it a point to do more than my share in a team.

According to the same survey, Nokia users are likely to be family-minded, balance-seekers, health-conscious middle managers. Motorola users, according to the study, are likely to be fashion conscious, fun seekers, under 24, and individualistic.

LG phones, on the other hand, are said to be favorites of mothers, stay-at-home parents and people who are success driven and harmony seekers. Samsung, meanwhile, is said to be preferred by young women and people who are career focused, success driven, and fun seekers.

I do not know whether the study holds water. For instance, where do they get data on such descriptions as “success-driven?” Were these descriptions provided by survey participants themselves? Ask people in a café to describe themselves and you’d likely get “success-driven” among the top answers. Success-driven is to professionals what world peace is to beauty contestants.

So, what’s your phone?

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  1. How about me having a Smartphone? Is it correlative to Sony Ericsson?

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