Get things done faster on your mobile phone and PC with FMA

If there’s one application responsible for an exponential boost in my productivity at the news copy desk it’s Float’s Mobile Agent (FMA). I wrote a short post about FMA earlier. FMA is an open source application that allows you to manage and operate your mobile phone through your PC via a data cable, infrared or Bluetooth connection.

Float's Mobile Agent

With FMA installed in your computer, you can just leave your phone in your desk and do all your mobile communications in your PC-from sending, receiving and archiving SMS messages, managing phone contacts, to-do lists and calendar entries to (for some phone models) taking and making calls using your regular PC headset. The program also allows you to easily back up important phone data like messages and contact numbers.

With FMA running, you can also control your PC via your mobile phone. A menu will appear in your phone allowing you to control Winamp, PowerPoint and various other programs. You can also use your phone’s joystick to control the mouse cursor and operate the computer.

You can also use your phone as remote control for your laptop when giving PowerPoint presentations. The extent of the control is such that you can even command your computer to lock down when your phone is out of Bluetooth range-an indicator that you are away from your desk.

I use a SonyEricsson T630 and I connect this via Bluetooth to the FMA running in my office PC. With this setup, I can send and receive SMS while writing or editing a story and laying out a page. I also keep an archive in my PC of all the SMS I’ve received as reference.

And since I’m using my PC’s keyboard to write messages, I send and reply to SMS very fast that one astounded new source told me that I should check if I can break the world record for text messaging. This is a big productivity boost especially when you need to communicate with someone through SMS while trying to beat deadlines.

The messenger window makes sending a message to several recipients a breeze:
Float's Mobile Agent sending SMS screen
The program also displays a lot of information about your phone:
Float's Mobile Agent phone data

The personal data menu offers links to various tasks in phone management: synchronizing phone and calendar data; entering new data and browsing through your calendar, contact and to-do list entries:
Float's Mobile Agent phone data management

You can download FMA here. To check if your phone will work with the program, go through this list of tested devices.

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14 responses

  1. Hope they’ll come out with a program for the N6600 as well. Looks like the programmer was a big SE fan. LOL.

  2. Looks good, but it doesn’t work.

    Choose Bluetooth connection in options and then that’s it.

    “Connect” does nothing. “Lookup devices” does nothing.

    Many people complain about this on the FMA forums and there are no solutions given. It simply does not work with Bluetooth native.

  3. John,
    What phone are you trying to connect with FMA? I’ve been able to use the software with Sony Ericsson t630 and k750i. If you’re using it with a Sony Ericsson phone, make sure to have the mobile phone monitor installed first.

    Yes. They adore SonyEricsson phones there 🙂

  4. Norwegian Superhero Avatar
    Norwegian Superhero

    It works with Bluetooth!
    If the Native Bluetooth connection does not work, try connect via the Serial Port connection. To do this, you need to know wich COM-port the PC uses on the Bluetooth radio. You will find this in My Bluetooth Places in Windows XP.

  5. Arung Siram Avatar
    Arung Siram

    I used Sony Ericcson T610 with FMA. It was NOT getting connected with Native Bluetooth. Finally, I succeeded by using Serial Port of the Bluetooth. In my case it was COM6. The setting has to be done at FMA “Option” by selecting SERIAL PORT and PORT NUMBER

  6. Kenneth Avatar

    I can’t send a message through it…
    I can do calls etc.. but not with messages… I cant read a newly recieved message… nor send a new message…

  7. poh soon Avatar
    poh soon

    but.. too bad.. it can only view ascii text. It can’t support mandarin character set 🙁

  8. Krishnendu Avatar

    Well I have gone through this s/w and this link left-right-center and done all kinds of research. However, its sad to say that this application don’t support my K750i phone.

    Is there anyone, who can help me on how to backup my SMSs on my phone.

  9. Krishnendu Avatar

    Well the only other options which I found is

    which lately started a service to backup your messages, but its a paid service.

    The next option will be the s/w listed on the following link.

    Me yet to try the stuff, will post tomorrow about the status.


  10. Krishnendu,
    The software works perfectly with the K750i. Install the FMA 2.1 beta 3 version. I’ve never had problems with it. I back up and manage all my phone data using FMA: contacts, text messages and even calendar items.

  11. krisshhnna Avatar

    i tried this but i am unable to connect my
    Nokia 3230 phone with FMA.
    please inform me how to connect with it.

  12. rajeev Avatar

    Was using FMA 2.1 beta 4 version with my Sony Ericsson K750i and it worked beautifully. Then one day it just stopped working. The Error message on trying to load the program reads:
    Error Signature:
    AppName: mobileagent.exe AppVer: ModName: kernel32.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.2945 Offset: 00012a5b

    Application Error
    Exception EOleCtrlError in module MobileAgent.exe at 00132FD8
    Microsoft ActveX Script Control script create failed.
    Class not Registered.

    Someone please help solve this.

  13. Nice post, I have CDS 60 Desktop stand and I would like to automatically synchronize my contacts with outlook. Has anyone experience with setting this up? I cant get FMA to automatically scan port 6, and do a auto sync on connection.

  14. Stephanie Avatar

    It doesn’t work. I installed it so I could use it on my Pantech Duo C810. Help, please?

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