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A graphomaniac’s wet dream

At last, Power Books has opened a branch in Cebu. The single storey outlet in the North Wing of SM City Cebu is heaven on a mall for book lovers.

I went to the shop when it opened, fought urges that were bordering on primal, and just checked on books that were on display. There aren’t computer or technology books yet. Members of the Power Books staff said these were still coming.

paperblanks handstitched notebook PAPERBLANKS NOTEBOOK. The pages of this handstitched notebook are acid-free and are held together by coptic binding. Paperblanks and Moleskine products are now available in Cebu, at the Power Books outlet in SM City’s North Wing. Click on photo to enlarge.

Last Sunday, I came back.

The store’s middle counter is a vortex. It drew me in. Around it were displayed several exquisite notebooks. For the first time, Moleskine (official pronounced mol-a-skeen-a) and paperblanks products are sold in Cebu. I went round and round the small counter, picking one notebook after the other.

I wasn’t able to find paperblanks’ back pocket mini, or any of it’s embellished mini notebooks but I got one of its handstitched products, the Handstitched Bamboo. It has as cover the painting “Listening to the Bamboo” by Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1559).

It is exquisite calligraphy for my cacography.

I do not write, I scrawl. My handwriting is so bad and it gets worse when I’m writing fast. At times I, myself, have a hard time deciphering my own interview notes. I guess I compensate for the ugly writing with the beautiful notebooks.

paperblanks handstitched TABULA RASA. A hundred and twenty-eight pages of acid-free, archival paper held together by handstitched coptic binding await my jottings. Click to enlarge.

The notebook is held together by “handstitched coptic binding.” What’s great about it is that the pages are divided into sections, which makes it ideal for segregating notes.

I take notes extensively using a TiddlyWiki or my Scrybe account (if you want a Scrybe invitation, ask for one in my post here). I use these applications to organize online research notes or web clippings.

But for article ideas and plans, I keep paper notebooks handy. Some of my article ideas percolate for weeks as bullet points in my notebooks. Many of them get published as blog posts, when I do find time to write. Some become subjects of my weekly column. Others are shelved for working on later.

Power Books also gives away a well-designed paper organizer if your purchases exceed P2,500 (P2,000 if you have their Powercard). When I leafed through the organizer that my wife and I got with our purchase, I was impressed by the design of the pages. It looked good and I thought it would do well as base for a blog design.

Free organizer from Power Books
FREE ORGANIZER FROM POWER BOOKS. Power Books will give you this beautiful organizer if your purchases reach P2,500 (P2,000 for Powercard holders).

By Max Limpag

Max is a journalist and blogger based in Cebu City, Philippines. He is co-founder of the journalism start-up InnoPub Media.