Google bombing of President Arroyo, Cabinet secretaries succeeds

Start sending your e-mails now: the campaign by activists to google bomb President Arroyo’s website with the search term “pekeng pangulo” or fake president has succeeded. Check it out. Go to enter pekeng pangulo in the search field and click on I’m Feeling Lucky or Sinuswerte Ako.

The Young Radicals blog, which initiated the campaign, posted the update yesterday. Try the following keywords using the same procedure: sira ulo, bugaw and sinungaling. Google bombing is the practice of influencing Google search results by linking target keywords (pekeng pangulo, sira ulo etc.) with the target websites. The most prominent victim of google bombing is President Bush, whose White House website was google bombed with the search terms “failure” and “miserable failure.”

Bush supporters fought back and tried linking the phrase to filmmaker Michael Moore’s site. Will we see a similar answer by Arroyo men or will they just ignore this?

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