From Pigeon Rank to GMail Paper, you gotta love Google

Open GMail today and you’ll see a different front page. Google regularly posts updates to the GMail service, including the current storage space offered, on the front page. Today, the front page introduces what is purported to be a new product: GMail Paper.

GMail Paper, according to their April Fool’s joke page, is a free service that gives you a physical copy of your messages, delivered to your doorstep.

gmail paper GMAIL PAPER. The page is the latest of Google’s great April fool’s jokes. Click to view very large version.

The site says “the cost of postage is offset with the help of relevant, targeted, unobtrusive advertisements, which will appear on the back of your Gmail Paper prints in red, bold, 36 pt Helvetica. No pop-ups, no flashy animations—these are physically impossible in the paper medium.”

The page even has made up testimonials of beta users. Google really has funny April Fool’s jokes. Remember the Pigeon Rank several years back? But for sheer daring, I have to give it to the BBC Panorama staff who reported good spaghetti harvest because of a mild winter in 1957. The report even came with footage of a Swiss family harvesting pasta from spaghetti trees. After the broadcast, the BBC was swamped with calls inquiring on how they can grow their own spaghetti trees.

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8 responses

  1. Are you sure, they meant ‘Free Snail Mail’; cost covered by Adverts?

    Consider, I’m an advertiser; I wasn’t aware of this in first place. Google came out with it as a surprise. A YouTube employee publicized the same in a Video.

    So, who’s paying for the postage?

  2. Google people are really funny! HAHAHA It’s entertaining indeed!

  3. That is Gmail‘s April Fools joke for 2007. Google has a different hoax for today. 😉


    But seriously, would it be nice for them to have a service like that so you can have paper records (for a fee)

    Or (to be more forgiving to the environment with all that emails) Have them send you a DVD with all of your messages (again, for a fee), it will fit on s single layer DVD and if they ever go beyond the capacity of DVD, there is Blu-ray or HD-DVD.

  5. Leonine Avatar


    April Fool’s Google!

  6. neonego Avatar

    e2 matindi. broadband na walang bills!
    provided ng

  7. that was a joke? darn i actually took it seriously. yikes, kakahiya! hehehe. at least ako inamin ko that i got duped. yes, i did click on it. (kakahiya)

  8. As usual. Google people are, squeee, funny. I nearly spent hours on looking for the ‘paper’ option.

    Boo me.

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