Fatal song

Supreme Court Associate Justice Renato Corona warned judges over the weekend not to sing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” in karaoke bars. The song has been blamed for a lot of karaoke-related killings in the Philippines.

Corona made the statement when asked to comment on the suggestion of arming judges after the recent killing of Pasay Judge Henrick Guingoyon.

Many people have been killed while singing My Way in karaoke bars. The song, an English translation of a French tune, is a favorite in karaoke bars (at least in those that I used to frequent when I was still with The Freeman ages ago). Ironically, the song is also said to be a favorite in funerals.

I recall reading at least three stories on killings in karaoke bars in Cebu but, save for one, I’m no longer sure which songs so enraged the suspects so as to kill their victims. In February 2004, a man singing the “Spaghetti Song” in Moalboal town was shot. In December 2001, a man was killed in Lapu-Lapu City, where I live, after two customers ganged up on him for hogging the microphone.

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  1. Comical as it may seem, there is really something sinister with the song. Here in our city, Zamboanga, there have been at least a couple of instances where killings arose from the singing of “My Way”. If I were a film documentarian, this is a very good subject to cover and examine…

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