I was downed by the flu for several days this week. The mercurial weather more than a week back took a toll on my out-of-shape body and for the first time in a long while, I had to go on sick leave.

I used to stave off fever by drinking liters (yes with an s) of calamansi juice and eating a ton of fruits. It didn’t work this week. For days I was too weak to work and to use the computer. I just lay in front of the TV and watched a marathon of documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery.

The first thing I did when I recovered enough to spend time in front of the computer was to attempt installing activeCollab, an online project management software that had been earlier described as a “clone” of the widely popular Basecamp service of 37 signals. I succeeded on my first attempt and installed Active Collab in my server without a hitch. I’ll be writing about the tool later.

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