Cebu bloggers meetup

If you’re a blogger based in Cebu, please drop by at the iBrowse Internet Cafe near Cebu Doctor’s University at the North Reclamation Area on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 6:00 p.m. We are organizing a short blogger meet-up there with the indefatigable DigitalFilipino founder Janette Toral.

Janette will be in Cebu for a workshop on Web 2.0 applications and Internet marketing on Feb. 7 and 8. She is also working on a project for bloggers’ involvement in the 2010 elections. We talked about it last year and agreed it would be great to gather Cebu bloggers to talk about blogging and the elections.

During the meetup, she’ll be talking about her project.

I’ve started projects on blogging but have lately gone off-tangent (from blogging, that is), working on a few personal projects that involved more writing and a bit of coding—using advanced customization of WordPress. After several talks of a meetup failed to push through, it will be great to finally meet Cebu-based bloggers. Please feel free to drop by at iBrowse on Thursday. If you’re going, please confirm your attendance with me.

If you don’t know where iBrowse is, here’s a map to the place.

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  1. This is a great event Max! I will be attending together with my CIT schoolmate blogger.

    Please check out my blog

  2. Hi Kevin,
    See you there!

  3. Just curious, is this the first blogger meet-up in Cebu?

  4. Count me in. I’ll attend.

  5. Eugene,
    I don’t know but I haven’t heard of one held before.

    Great. See you then.

  6. Hello Max and Eugene! I did have two small blogger meet-ups last year, but the bloggers I met then have all moved back to Manila! Yikes!

    Sana you guys can do something like what the Mindanao bloggers did. They have a mailing list too (Davao Web Group) and that’s how they started with their blog-related activities/conferences =)

    So, magkaka-party na ba in Cebu? =)

  7. I hope that this would start the meet-up of Cebu bloggers just like what the Mindanao Bloggers did.

    Max, I told Super Bobby Nalzaro to plug about the event and he did just this morning! Kitakits sa event!

  8. Hi Aileen,
    Thanks for dropping by. I hope to listen to one of your talks (and meet other bloggers around) when you get back to Cebu.

    I hope other Cebu-based bloggers can organize bigger meetups. The Cebu Business Month celebration in June, with its heavy tech theme, would be a good event to hold a blogger meetup.

    Thanks. See you later.

  9. hi Max.. i would like to request if you could join in our Cebu Bloggers Society Yahoogroup… So that there is a main communication between cebu bloggers..

    here is the link:

  10. is this still active…

    we’ll be having a blogger’s meet up tom at ayala bo’s coffee 3pm.. if interested plz txt me lang at 09274742857.. this not our first time.. most of us are based in while others are with CBS..

    we’re also inviting a SEO guru.. for us to have an informal seo discussions.. he has worked/assisted with b5media and thousands of other websites worldwide..

    im not really sure if he’ll come but he has confirmed already.. we’re just keeping our fingers crossed this time..

  11. wowie madrio Avatar
    wowie madrio

    Ho Max, ‘just bumped into your blog spot. pretty cool to be here. thanks!

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