Cebu artists strip for Budoy

Cebu’s reggae king Budoy is a candidate for eviction from the Pinoy Big Brother show. To express their support and generate votes for Budoy, artists in Cebu, including UP Professor Raymund Fernandez, stripped in Kahayag Cafe. To view the photos (warning: may be not safe for work if you have as boss someone like Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer, who thinks he was appointed by God to be Cebu’s morality guardian), click here. Help spread the word: text BB BUDOY to 231 for Smart and BB BUDOY to 2331 for Globe.

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  1. We are holding a conference in a couple weeks and would like to arrange to meet some of the local artists…unfortunately I have lost my list of numbers and names that have been helpful in the past…the lady at the “frog something café� was helpful…plus we met with a Jose Marie in his house (pontilist)….anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated….would appreciate you putting me in touch with any artists that come to mind…also I think we went to some cutting edge exhibition…not sure if it was at the frog café or somewhere else…I do remember that it was kinda off an alley???? We did buy several pieces in the past!

    Appreciate you letting me know of contemporary artists and contacts if possible and galleries…thanks!

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