No CCPC statement

Don’t expect any statement from the Cebu-Citizens Press Council on that vulgar and inhumane interview by Juril Patiño and Dennes Tabar on Brigada News FM. I asked Atty Pachico Seares and he said, “under our agreed procedure, KBP handles cases involving broadcast outlets and journalists.”

It is disappointing but expected.

This is a vestigial arrangement of that outdated print/broadcast media distinction. It is a distinction that is not only stuck in the past but rendered irrelevant by social media, our generation’s news feed.

I know that this is largely because we have two separate self-regulatory bodies here in Cebu, CCPC for print-based media and Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas for “broadcast” media.

But to not make a statement on such an important issue? It is an abdication of a community leadership role.

In last Wednesday’s forum on press councils. I said that I thought the CCPC was “elitist.” The context of this was that point raised on how the Iloilo media council welcomes bloggers.

I have had some time to think about that comment and I think that the more accurate description would be that it is “not diverse” outside the print-based media point of view.

Maybe it is its character but should it remain so?

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