When the cousin of a dictator offers you part of his hidden wealth…

Its called a 419 scam or advanced fee fraud. Many people have lost a lot of money to these scammers. The Urban Legends Reference page Snopes.com quotes a US Secret Service official as saying in a 1997 newspaper article that We have confirmed losses just in the United States of over $100 million in the… Continue reading When the cousin of a dictator offers you part of his hidden wealth…

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Coming soon: NerdTV

PBS will start NerdTV, its first downloadable series, on Sept. 6. The series will be broadcast exclusively over the Internet. Not only is PBS allowing downloads of the series, it is encouraging people to copy the shows, share them with friends and even post them on their own Web sites – all legally. NerdTV (www.pbs.org/nerdtv)… Continue reading Coming soon: NerdTV

Barangay hall gets ‘wired’

By Max T. Limpag Sun.Star Cebu, November 27, 2004 Top Stories Section, Page 4 (Here’s a story I wrote for Sun.Star Cebu on the IT initiative of Bry. Calamba in Cebu City) BARANGAY Calamba’s IT dreams are built on refurbished computer parts and donated units. The barangay hall now serves both as an Internet cafe… Continue reading Barangay hall gets ‘wired’

Sunnex blogs Cebu ICT

Sun.Star Network Exchange (Sunnex) has opened a blog to cover Cebu ICT 2005, which opens later today. I’m one of the bloggers, I might post by Thursday. I’m not feeling well right now, I might skip the opening.

Changing the chat box

After trying out four tag board and chat scripts last night, I finally decided on using txtShout, a PHP tagboard and shoutbox system. TxtShout is fairly easy to install and it doesnt need a database. The script shares the code used by my previous chatbox, Cbox. Cbox, unlike txtShout, is remotely hosted. This means that… Continue reading Changing the chat box

Chat boxes and pop-up ads

I’ve been looking for a WordPress tagboard — the message board you see on the sidebar — since Friday. Cbox is great but it’s really annoying when their servers are down. When I read SepikMom‘s blog today, I found another reason to stop using Cbox — it generates pop-up ads. I never noticed this before… Continue reading Chat boxes and pop-up ads

Yahoo 360 test run

Im trying out Yahoo 360, the Internet pioneers social networking (think Friendster) and blogging service. Yahoo 360, still in beta or testing phase, looks great but it isnt compelling enough to draw away current users of Blogger, Friendster or Multiply. Yahoo 360 is similar to Multiply.com, a social networking site with ability to create blogs,… Continue reading Yahoo 360 test run