links for 2005-11-24

Check Pagerank on Multiple Data Centers – 48 Datacenters Check your Google pagerank in various datacenters (tags: google search seo) Monket Calendar – Wiki – Might be a good calendar to install and play around with. But then again, I’m very satisified my account. (tags: ajax calendar PHP cool) Free Photoshop – AdobeContinue reading “links for 2005-11-24” free Zope hosting getting to be reliable again

The previous free Zope host of my ZiddlyWiki seems to have fixed its services. I use ZiddlyWiki extensively for note-taking when I’m on a PC. I checked my free account there last week and found that it was still up. I monitored its services for a few days and did not experience any downtime. WithContinue reading “ free Zope hosting getting to be reliable again”

links for 2005-11-21 – digg / slashdot / popular Digg,, slashdot all in one (tags: bookmarks) WP 2.0 wordpress beta test bed for plugins (tags: wordpress) Qumana blog editor and blogging tools Might be useful to some Sun.Star bloggers (tags: blogging_wysiwyg) TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development Rapid web development framework. (tags: webtech_opensource) rdc* wordpress theme ‘Tagging’Continue reading “links for 2005-11-21”

links for 2005-11-19

Steel dolphin Creative – Color Scheme tool (tags: color colortool design) So Much Geek . . . Blog Archive MooseCandy 1.2.0 for checking later (tags: wordpress wordpressplugin adsense) {style:phreak;} – colormatch redux (tags: color colortools design) Michael Martine Free WordPress Themes (tags: wordpress wordpresstheme) Guest Post: Guide to Guerilla Tactics of aContinue reading “links for 2005-11-19”