Pity the policemen

It seems having sex during anti-prostitution raids is a sacrifice for them. Chief Insp. Romeo Perigo of the Cebu Provincial Police Office says so. Provincial Prosecutor Jane Petralba, however, says police should stop having sex in anti-prostitution raids because they are “not only exposing their butts, but also (themselves) to criminal case for having sexContinue reading “Pity the policemen”

Back to K2

I changed themes last night, reverting to the latest version of K2. Phoenixrealm, the WordPress theme I used prior to the current one, is a great minimalist WordPress theme but I missed having a proper blog header. Im still customizing the theme and tidying up things here and there. The photo page, while functional isContinue reading “Back to K2”

Free PHP/MySQL hosting without ads

Pinayhosting offers free MySQL and PHP accounts with no ads. With the free account, you get 25MB of web space, 250MB data transfer (I assume its a monthly quota, its not indicated in the FAQs), Cpanel, htaccess and with no forced advertising.) The monthly quota isn’t enough to use the account for your blog. This,Continue reading “Free PHP/MySQL hosting without ads”