Boanga no?

What’s your verbal mannerism? Mine is to say, “boanga no?” (That’s crazy or isn’t that crazy?)

I say this a lot during interviews and even for such mundane statements or at inappropriate moments. Sometimes I am able to stop myself but often I just mindlessly blurt it out. Boanga no?

When I interviewed Richeliu Colina, who leads the Mabolo Sinug Dance Troupe, he told me that sometimes he has to refuse invitations for their group to perform Sinug dances because it is exhausting and he has work to do. (Story on this traditional Sinulog out soon)

Here’s our exchange.

Max: Unsa man diay imong trabaho?
Richoy: Kanang pakyaw pakyaw ra pud. Arts and craft.
Max: Ahh kanang unsa man mubuhat ka og unsa man?
Richoy: Kanang lost art nato sa Cebu akoy gahimo. Kanang lagang.
Max: Ah kanang lagang, kanang naa sa simbahan? Simbahan man na usually di ba?
Richoy: O akoy gahimo ana.
Max: Ah mao. Boanga no?

When I review recordings of my interviews, I inevitably hear myself say “boanga no” and I’d cringe. I would then tell myself, unsa may nakaboang ana, Max Limpag?

I sometimes imagine myself blurting it out in such interviews as with Mayor Mike Rama.

Ah, Singapore-Like with Melbourne-features na ang Cebu City, Mayor Rama? Boanga no?

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