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I was writing the second part of my search for the perfect TiddlyWiki (which I’ll post later) when I decided to take a break (the testing of various adaptations left me writing in CamelCases even if I wasn’t using a wiki) and checked blogs that I frequent. It was a surprise to see a screenshot of my page in Pinoy Blog. I’ve been chosen as the site’s Blog of the Week.

The description of my blog is really flattering. My celebration was subdued as I was at home with my kids and very patient wife fast asleep. Had I been in the office, I would have let out a whoop. Thanks Pinoy Blog for featuring my Cybercafe Experiments.

Why call this site The Cybercafe Experiments? For a while, previous versions of this site was my actual experiment for my open source content management system feature for Sun.Star Cybercafe, a weekly special section I edit. This site is the fourth version. The article that resulted from that experiment was published in November last year and discussed the building of a blog using open source programs and scripts (FileZilla, Nucleus CMS or Serendipity) and free services (free 100MB PHP/MySQL hosting from 100Webspace.)

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  1. Congrats! hehehe.. 😉

  2. Thanks Yuga 🙂

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