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I’ve been trying out‘s services since Thursday. At first use, I had difficulty entering tasks in my list (this is because I have been used to the interface at and I always proceed to using a new service I spot before reading its help pages or FAQ).

But after a day of using and a cursory reading of its help pages, I was able to quickly transfer my tasks lists to its services. The site’s interface is simple and clean. Unlike in BackPackIt where you can organize different tasks groups as pages that are then listed in the sidebar, organizes tasks groups into tabs. This, for me, is better.

Remember the milk
RememberTheMilk’s simple and clean interface

RememberTheMilk also allows you to enter dates in shorthand. If I want to set the deadline for a task to 8 p.m. Today, I would just enter tod 8pm – no cumbersome entering of dates or going through a calendar. The site allows keyboard shortcuts that make working with it even faster. Like Back Pack It, RememberTheMilk also reminders either through e-mail or SMS. Sadly, though, RememberTheMilk can’t send alerts to my provider, Globe, and I can’t seem to find a way to activate my phone to receive an email using the Globe XTM system.

Between the two services, Back Pack It seemed to have more features but why is it that I find myself using RememberTheMilk more? It’s not just that I’ve been testing it because the “test period” I set for myself ended last Saturday. Maybe it’s the site’s simplicity that attracts me or the easy way to enter tasks via keyboard shortcuts. I decided to keep using RememberTheMilk for my tasks lists but keep my BackPackIt account to check for new featurers.

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