Zooomr 2.0 now live

After days of being delayed by a denial of service attack, Zooomr finally launched version 2.0 of its service today. Apart from finally being able to try features the Zooomr team has added, I’m just relieved that I can finally use the service.

I really like Zooomr, especially with the way it promoted its service among bloggers. If you open an account with Zooomr and you blog a photo stored in its servers, you can get a free one year pro account, which gives you a monthly uploading quota of 2 gigabytes. After meeting the conditions of the promo, you can upgrade your account here.

I’m still trying out the new features of Zooomr, one of which is geo-tagging your images (click on photo to enlarge). I browsed through the photos that I’ve uploaded to enter tags and I find the service almost as fast as Flickr’s. This is an improvement because when I first started using Zooomr, it was a bit slower than Flickr, albeit not by much.
Geo-tagging in zooomr

Denial of service attack delays Zooomr 2.0 launch

Flickr competitor Zooomr was set to launch version 2.0 of its service last week and it created such a loud buzz with its free pro account offer for bloggers. That launch has been delayed by a denial of service attack.

Zooomr said in its blog that the attack has been dealt with and they’re just fine-tuning the system to make sure such an attack will not happen again. Zooomr also says that when the new version finally launches, users will “see a huge speed increase along with the new design and new features.”

You might say it is still premature to describe Zooomr as a Flickr “competitor” because of the disparity in their user base but I really like what Zooomr is offering, especially with its free accounts. Both sites offer unlimited storage but Flickr restricts the display of your photos to the last 200 images. Zooomr also offers a bigger upload quota for free accounts at 50MB monthly, more than double Flickr’s 20MB quota for free accounts.