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Reinvigorate releases desktop software to track website visits in real time

Website metrics service reinvigorate has released a software that allows bloggers and site owners to view visits in real time on their desktop. Snoop, the desktop client, streams website visits and data. As soon as someone visits your website or goes to another page, you’d know about it.

reinvigorate snoop SNOOP. The desktop client of reinvigorate allows you to view website visits in real time. Click on photo to view larger image.

I’ve previously written about reinvigorate here. Last night, I tested the Windows version of the software and it was fun to monitor visits in this website and in other site I help run. Reinvigorate tracks visitors’ path through your website and it was fascinating to watch it in real time. Reinvigorate assigns tracking IDs to each visitor so it can monitor how they got to your site, the pages they visit, and the time they spent in the site. You even have the option of actually putting a name to the tracking ID if the visitor is registered to your site.

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Reinvigorate: the best hosted website metrics service I’ve tried

Hot on the heels of the release of the Automattic Stats came the sending of invitations to the beta version of Reinvigorate, a hosted free website metrics service that appears to trump most of the free website metrics services available today.

A day after installing and using the service, I think Reinvigorate is the most impressive website metrics package I tried. (Blogger’s note: the images in this post were taken a few hours after I installed the tracking code for the service). I found it so impressive that I immediately used it for my other blogs. Normally, I’d try out a stats package in this blog and then after a few weeks, I’d use it for the other sites I manage.

reinvigorate website metrics VISITOR PATHS. Reinvigorate tracks the pages readers visit in your site. This feature is very instructive and will tell you whether you did enough to provide links to related pages or articles. Click on photo to view larger image.

What distinguishes Reinvigorate from other hosted website metrics services I tried is that it tracks “paths,” the trail of web pages a reader visited in your site. The data it provides is really enlightening. I haven’t found a comparable feature in the several blog and website metrics services I’ve used.