It’s time to re-read Eco

I love Umberto Eco‘s Foucault’s Pendulum. I’ve re-read it five times. I’ve been meaning to read it again and relive how Belbo, Causubon and Diotallevi spun a tale of global conspiracy to hide the Knights Templars’ closely guarded secret a source of tremendous power.

The urge to re-read the book came with the approach of the anniversary of the Martial Law declaration. I asked myself: what if I’ve been of the right age during Martial Law? Would I have had the courage to fight the dictatorship? I then thought to myself that I was behaving like Belbo who was tortured by a similar question. He kept asking himself, had he been of the right age during the war, would he have sided with the fascists or the rebels?

Deadlines and other concerns pushed my mental note to re-read the book out of my mind until I saw this posted near our office:
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I have to re-read the book again. Eco uses words like metempsychosis, for help here’s a concordance of the words from the book.