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Make your blog posts ‘taggable’

Many people now use online bookmarks to file sites they want to review later. Among the most popular services are, Furl, Spurl and Yahoo My Web 2.0.

Many of these services require you to install a tool bar or a shortcut tab in your browser in order to save bookmarks and tag these with keywords for organization. By putting shortcut buttons for tagging your posts in these services, you will encourage blog readers to file your article for reading and re-reading later.

To put these buttons in your WordPress blog, just copy the codes below and paste these into your theme’s template. I used to have these buttons display after the post titles in the index page but it looked too crowded and I decided in having it in the individual posts page. I placed the codes after the <?php the_title(); ?> part in the post template and before <?php the_content(); ?>. If you want to display these buttons after the article, then paste the code snippets after <?php the_content(); ?>