Gush: RSS reader, instant messenger in sleek package

I downloaded Gush several months back and then forgot about it. Back then, I never thought I’d need a desktop RSS reader. After all, my current Cybercafe Experiment is to have all the data I need online–to make the network my computer, as Sun puts it.

I only remembered downloading the software when I came across a blog post announcing that you can now use Gush with Google Talk. I tried Gush a few weeks back and have been hooked since then (screenshots below).

Gush is a combination multi-protocol instant messenger (AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Google Talk) and RSS reader. It comes in a very sleek package and it’s such a functional eye candy that I found myself using it more often than I do my online RSS aggregators.

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Google RSS reader out

Google Reader is out and a cursory check of the service indicates Bloglines may be facing stiff competition. I use Bloglines a lot. When I arrive at the office, it’s the second site I open after checking my GMail. Google Reader, however, appears to be a better personal newsfeed portal. It uses Ajax and that says much. I’m transferring all my news and blog feeds to Google Reader. For a tour of its services, click here.