Because it’s there and it’s so darned pretty

I signed up for a blog the other day. Why open another blog? Three reasons: 1. Because itís there and I always try to test web services or software as part of my work. I also needed the API key for Akismet, an anti-spam plugin I just installed; 2. Iíve long wanted a account and in fact checked daily for my Golden Ticket to this service for more than a month; and 3. I want to separate my very personal stuff from my main blog. In short, Iíll be blogging for my family and friends there. After using it for more than a day, I can say that the interface (using WordPress MU) is the best one around. Most of the features will be included in the coming WordPress release.

Personal Work

Newsroom babies

I brought Lennon to work last Sunday. He wouldn’t let go of his mother just as we were leaving for work so we had to bring him with us. His older brother, who says he cannot sleep without him at his side and vice versa, agreed when we explained we couldn’t take him with us because he had to wake up early the next day to make it to class on time.

The newsroom is a child-friendly environment to work in. Editors and reporters, at times, take their kids to work, especially during weekends. The newsroom also schedules an annual party for its employee’s children.

Lennon listens to Dora the Explorer