Trying out another web 2.0 personal portal

Im trying out, a personal homepage solution driven by Ajax, the current darling of the web. Netvibes allows you to create a personalized home page containing news feeds (RSS, Atom). Since GMail serves RSS feeds of you e-mail, Netvibes can also display a listing of your messages (by subjects). Its not really in the… Continue reading Trying out another web 2.0 personal portal

Tips for remembering people’s names

From CNN: tips for remembering people’s names : 1. Be interested, 2. verify it, 3. picture it written on their foreheads, 4. imagine writing the name, 5. use word association, 6. use the names frequently, and 7. record names in new contacts file.

The cellphone as flashlight

Here’s a great tip for Lapu-Lapu City residents (what with the frequent brownouts of the Mactan Electric company) from Lifehacker: use plain white as cellphone wallpaper so that you can use it as makeshift flashlights during emergencies.

Testing asides

I’ve long wanted to implement Matt’s Asides. This is a test post on whether it would work.

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