Posting with Flock

Finally, after weeks of waiting, I have now downloaded Flock. I just came from the PCIJ conference on Journalists as Bloggers in Manila where I finally got to meet Jovie Francisco, John Nery, Yvonne Chua, Ma’am Sheila Coronel, Sir Caloy Conde, JV Rufino of and of course Abe Olandres.I also got to meet again Alecks Pabico, my classmate during the Konrad Adenauer training for trainors back in 1997. I learned a lot from the conference and I’ll be posting entries about it later – I just have to finish tasks that have been put on hold when I went to Manila. I had an interesting talk with Ariel of PPI.

In the capital, desperate to try out Flock

I just arrived in Manila and I’m desperate for an Internet connection — I want to download Flock and see what all the buzz is about. I got the email on the expanded beta downloads this morning and I had to fight the urge to immediately download the software and try it out. I knew that had I downloaded Flock, I risked missing my flight to the capital. From the screenshots released by developers, Flock promises to be a great tool for bloggers. Tomorrow, PCIJ is hosting a conference on blogging for mainstream journalists. (Darn, who designs keyboards with power off keys near the delete tab: I used to have this keyboard in the office but I took the power button out with a screwdriver. I can’t do it here: the Internet cafe owner will kill me.)

Flock coming very soon

The social browser Flock, which has been generating a lot of buzz recently, is coming very soon. One of its developers said in his blog: “Right now, 100% of our energy is being directed to get the browser and the source code available to the public. And we are looking at days not weeks.” I’ve long wanted to get my hands at a beta version of the software, created by Firefox hackers on top of the engine running the open source browser.