Web-based interface for Google Talk

Check out Gtalkr.com if you want a browser (Flash-based) interface to Google Talk. Gtalkr allows you to use Google Talk in any Internet connected PC.

Web interface for Google Talk

The service, however, goes beyond providing a browser interface to Google Talk-it enhances it by making conversations searchable and adding an interface to label and star your conversations. GTalkr also provides you with a window to your GMail inbox.

And as with browser interfaces, you wouldn’t know if you receive a new message if you’re working in another window because the icon in the taskbar won’t flash (unless you download a client). If you want a browser interface to other IM clients, check out Meebo. (From del.icio.us)

Free web-based e-mail with terabyte storage

The idea is mind-boggling. What will you do with a terabyte of storage? I have a lot of e-mails in my archives, many with attachments, and yet my GMail inbox usage is only at 14 percent.

MailNation.net offers free e-mail with a terabyte inbox, that’s one thousand gigabytes. I doubt anyone can fill even a quarter of that capacity. MailNation limits attachments to 10MB, though. The service pledges a 99 percent uptime and they have statistics to back this up.

MailNation, however, does not allow you to use the account with Yahoo Groups. They warn that “if you choose to receive such emails, your account will be deleted without notice.”

Gush: RSS reader, instant messenger in sleek package

I downloaded Gush several months back and then forgot about it. Back then, I never thought I’d need a desktop RSS reader. After all, my current Cybercafe Experiment is to have all the data I need online–to make the network my computer, as Sun puts it.

I only remembered downloading the software when I came across a blog post announcing that you can now use Gush with Google Talk. I tried Gush a few weeks back and have been hooked since then (screenshots below).

Gush is a combination multi-protocol instant messenger (AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Google Talk) and RSS reader. It comes in a very sleek package and it’s such a functional eye candy that I found myself using it more often than I do my online RSS aggregators.

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Do you own your domain? Let Microsoft handle your e-mails for free

If you own a domain, you can have Microsoft manage e-mail and instant messaging for your web address. Microsoft’s Windows Live Custom Domains allows you to set up for free up to 20 e-mail accounts using your domain name. I just set up mine a few minutes ago.

Each mail account gets the standard Hotmail inbox size of 25MB. After signing up, though, you only get 2MB of storage space, Hotmail says you’ll get the full storage size after verification, usually after a few weeks of usage. But if you’re from the United States, the free e-mail accounts come with 250MB storage space. You can then check your [email protected] e-mail address in Hotmail.

This is an excellent free service from Microsoft. I never used my domain for e-mails because the mails would eat up space from my hosting account. By letting Microsoft handle my mail, I can use my domain as e-mail address and yet not worry about e-mail maintenance or disk space.

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Go Azkals!! RP football team notches first win in SEAG in…well in a long time

Whipping boys no more. The Philippine football team won over Cambodia, 4-2, yesterday. Pinoy football fans are rejoicing. As my brother said in his report from Bacolod “The word “win” is rarely used in a sentence together with the “Philippine national football team” – the country having been Asia’s whipping boys.”


Diehard football fans of the Philippine team have christened themselves Azkals or asong kalye. As I said in an earlier post: What’s your football pedigree?: Philippine football, like the askal, doesn’t have pedigree and is impoverished for lack of support. The askal, however, is a survivor – a trait RP football needs.

The Sun.Star blog on the Southeast Asian Games has photos of fans wearing the Azkal colors and shirts. I’m crossing my fingers the team would make it to the semifinals.