Multi-tasking worse than marijuana intoxication

Found via LifeHacker: The Institute of Psychiatry at King’s college London, according to Discover Magazine, found that people constantly interrupted by e-mails and instant messages did worse in a controlled test than those intoxicated by marijuana. The author said: “The IQ loss also turns out to be temporary. Remove the multitasking requirement, and test scores jump back to normal.” The advice: “The trick is separating periods when you need to focus diligently from periods when you’re happy to be following multiple threads-the difference between old-fashioned paying attention and what multimedia pioneer Linda Stone calls “continuous partial attention.”

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  1. Rosa Sreya Avatar
    Rosa Sreya

    I would have guessed that! And there would be no judgmental attitude on my part, if it weren’t that “multi-taskers” actually brag about the fact that they like to stay in a state of “continuous partial attention”. If they would treat it like the bad habit it is, all would be forgiven, at least by weed-heads.

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