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Installing a WordPress-powered site

I was finally able to install WordPress for a site I help manage – PFMCPI — The Philippine Federation of Married Catholic Priests, Inc. The site used to run on a Serendipity installation. I think Serendipity is the better blog script. My previous Cybercafe Experiments site used Serendipity. In PFMCPI’s case, however, WordPress seemed the better option. It’s posting through mail facility and recent posts plugin are easy to set up. Posting through mail is important for mobile phone blogging. This also allows married priests to post articles to the site using an interface they are already familiar with — their mail software.

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Yahoo 360 test run

Iím trying out Yahoo 360, the Internet pioneerís social networking (think Friendster) and blogging service.

Yahoo 360, still in beta or testing phase, looks great but it isnít compelling enough to draw away current users of Blogger, Friendster or Multiply. Yahoo 360 is similar to, a social networking site with ability to create blogs, and Friendster, which also recently added blogs, powered by TypePad, to its services.


World’s best paper airplane

I’m fascinated with paper airplanes. I grew up in Lantana in Polomolok, South Cotabato, a place with wide open spaces. In summers I’d use to go to our subdivision’s plaza, located near a pineapple plantation, and fly these planes. Once I bought a styrofoam model flown by launching it using a slingshot. I’d spend hours tinkering with it and attaching flaps to control its flight path.

Finding this site on paper airplanes brought my childhood enthusiasm back. I tried it out but gave up after a few steps. My wife finished the job for me. The plane did fly well and was stable even on a windy day. Here’s the result:

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Sun.Star Davao wins 4 Community Press Awards

Sun.Star Davao and Sun.Star Davao Weekend dominated this year’s Philippine Press Institute (PPI)-Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Annual Community Press Awards.

Here are excerpts of the Sun.Star Cebu story on the awards.

In the daily category, Sun.Star Davao was adjudged Best Edited Paper, Best in Business & Economic Reporting, and Best in Photojournalism.

In the weekly category, Sun.Star Davao Weekend (Sun.Star Davaoís Sunday edition) was picked Best in Photojournalism.

Both Sun.Star Davao and Sun.Star Davao Weekend are members of the countryís only network of community papers, the Sun.Star Publications Network (SSPN), to which Sun.Star Cebu also belongs.

Sun.Star Cebu and The Freeman are no longer eligible for the awards.

Sun.Star Cebu and The Freeman have been ineligible for the awards since 1999. The two Cebu papers were installed in the Hall of Fame in 2000. Sun.Star Cebu won eight major PPI awards, including Best Edited Daily for three consecutive years (1996, 1997, and 1998), a record still not duplicated in PPI history.


Rebuilding Real Madrid

With the end of the first module of my online course on online journalism, I’ve been able to finally play fixtures in my EASports Fifa 2005 career. I made Ajax of Amsterdam the Dutch League champion and Champions League winner. I’ve since transferred to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid, in real life and in the Fifa 2005 world, has a lot of world-class players (5-stars in Fifa 2005) and it shouldn’t have problems winning games except for its namby-pamby possession style of playing. In Fifa 2005, I changed Real Madrid’s formation to 4-1-2-1-2 (essentially a diamond midfield but replacing the defensive midfield with a center back.)


Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI

The Roman Catholic Church has a new pope. As an editor for a community newspaper in the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, the selection of a new pope is a big event.

All the pages in today’s issue for Sun.Star Cebu were finished and we were just awaiting the results of the next round of voting in the conclave. I was reading Wikipedia’s entry on the Prophecy of the Popes when smoke started coming out of the Sistine Chapel chimney. I was sure it was white and fellow editor Carmel agreed with me. Everyone in the newsroom then started gathering in front of the TV sets.


Habemus papam

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With Noel in the Sun.Star newsroom shortly after the ringing of the Vatican’s bells to announce the election of Pope Benedict XVI.