Interactive Sinulog: Get contingent info, “Like” performances on FB via phone scanning

This year’s Sinulog is more interactive. Banners carried by contingents now contain QR or quick response codes that, when scanned with a phone or tablet, triggers the download of information about the contingent. The article that is loaded by the system is connected to Facebook, allowing people to “Like” performances right on the spot. TheContinue reading “Interactive Sinulog: Get contingent info, “Like” performances on FB via phone scanning”

Bisaya poetry e-book “Skina Balak” launched today

InnoPub Media, the journalism start-up I co-founded with Marlen, and literary group Bathalad, Inc. have published an e-book anthology of Bisaya poetry written by its members. The anthology, “Skina Balak,” will be launched tonight in Persimmon in Mabolo, Cebu City in time with the opening of Tahas art exhibit. Skina Balak can be downloaded toContinue reading “Bisaya poetry e-book “Skina Balak” launched today”

Open source for the win

ON Christmas Eve, I cobbled together a network-attached storage (NAS) at home to enable everyone in our house to have a shared directory for school, work and personal files. This shared directory is also accessible from outside the house – like a rudimentary personal “cloud” for our family. It wasn’t complicated — you can goContinue reading “Open source for the win”

To do: Install to-do apps on phone

(I wrote this for an article on digital to-do lists for the Sun.Star Cebu Weekend) I arrived home to the ding of my phone reminding me to run 5K and finish writing this article on to-do lists and a blog post on Inbox Zero. My phone flashed the reminders because it detected, through global positioningContinue reading “To do: Install to-do apps on phone”