Innovation, disruption in media

Last Thursday, Newsweek announced it was ending its print publication on Dec. 31 and going all-digital starting next year. The digital publication, which will be named Newsweek Global, “will be a single, worldwide edition targeted for a highly mobile, opinion-leading audience who want to learn about world events in a sophisticated context,” Newsweek and TheContinue reading “Innovation, disruption in media”

Great-looking note-taking app for iPhone offered for free download

If you love old-school paper notebooks like Moleskine and use an iPhone, install Meernotes. The beautifully-designed app allows you to take down notes on your phone on an interface that mimics a paper notebook. It’s easy to use — you just tap on the screen and then type your notes. Meernotes also allows you toContinue reading “Great-looking note-taking app for iPhone offered for free download”