Ditching paper planners for Google Calendar-Android combo

EACH November, I’d eagerly start my annual search for the next year’s planner. It is a circuitous process that almost always ends the same way each year—I’d drool over one planner after the other, go on coffee binges to collect stickers for a free diary, and end up buying a Moleskine. I’ve been regularly trying andContinue reading “Ditching paper planners for Google Calendar-Android combo”

Have phone, will travel

IN the early morning of Feb. 5, I guided an experienced taxi driver to a nondescript and obscure hotel in Makati using Google Maps, GPS and my Android phone. It was something almost right out of the movies—we were getting a real time rendering of where we were on the map (indicated by a movingContinue reading “Have phone, will travel”

Turning into a fandroid

HOW long does your initial fascination with a new phone last? Two weeks? A month? In my case, it used to take about two weeks before the novelty of a new unit started to wear off. But not with my LG P500, a device that has Android 2.2 or Froyo as operating system. Two monthsContinue reading “Turning into a fandroid”

Use QR codes to make your business cards interactive

DO you still hand out business cards or do you just wirelessly send contact details? Does the printed business card still have a role in a time when phone users can just Bump to exchange contact data? In some tech circles, contacts data are already transmitted through a type of bar code known as QRContinue reading “Use QR codes to make your business cards interactive”