Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu Linux

Now, what do I do? That was the first thought that formed in my mind when I first opened Gimp about 5 or 6 six years ago in an Internet cafe on F. Ramos St. in Cebu City. I was given the grand tour on Linux and open source software by Mike Schmeisser, a chain-smokingContinue reading “Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu Linux”

Blogging break

It’s been an exceedingly hectic week in the newsroom since the May 14 elections. This is my 4th election coverage and it was as it has always been: frenzied, tiring, and stressful but ultimately exciting and fulfilling. News events such as elections make you want to leave the newsroom for the field. Out there, theContinue reading “Blogging break”

Ghost in the machine

I found the Sun.Star Cebu newsroom abuzz yesterday over a website that seemed to know a lot of details, even intimate ones, about people and things. When I entered the newsroom, I found reporters, editors, librarians, and newsroom assistants gathered around TV host Jude Bacalso, the paper’s lifestyle editor, who was entering questions and gettingContinue reading “Ghost in the machine”

Reinvigorate: the best hosted website metrics service I’ve tried

Hot on the heels of the release of the Automattic Stats came the sending of invitations to the beta version of Reinvigorate, a hosted free website metrics service that appears to trump most of the free website metrics services available today. A day after installing and using the service, I think Reinvigorate is the mostContinue reading “Reinvigorate: the best hosted website metrics service I’ve tried”

Organizing photos into albums in Zooomr using SmartSets

Blogger Jhay Rocas sent me an e-mail a few weeks back to inquire on how to organize photos into albums in Zooomr, akin to the sets in Flickr. I host all my photos in Zooomr not just because the service offers unlimited photo uploading but, more importantly, its terms of use is more lenient. UnlikeContinue reading “Organizing photos into albums in Zooomr using SmartSets”

Is Sony Ericsson trying to buy off Cebu journalists?

What if politicians announce, during their press conferences, that they will be holding a “writing” contest and the journalist who publishes the “best article” about the press conference gets to win P5,000 in cash. What do you call that? If you were a journalist or a blogger, what would you feel? That, in effect, isContinue reading “Is Sony Ericsson trying to buy off Cebu journalists?”

WordPress offers hosted blog metrics system

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has released Automattic Stats, a hosted blog metrics system. The system, deployed as a WordPress plugin, allows those running WordPress on their own servers to have the metrics system already in use in the hosted services. I’ve long drooled over the metrics used in, where I keep aContinue reading “WordPress offers hosted blog metrics system”

Screencasting in Ubuntu

I’ve done my first screencast in Ubuntu using gtk-record My Desktop, a tool that records desktop sessions in Linux. I’ve long wanted to do screencasts in Ubuntu ever since I installed Feisty Fawn or the 7.04 release but I haven’t been successful in my initial attempts. I first tried capturing desktop sessions into movie filesContinue reading “Screencasting in Ubuntu”