Nice work if you can get it: Ella sings and WordPress blings

I took the plunge. This blog, as well as a host of other sites I run using WordPress, is now using the latest release of the popular open source blogging software: WordPress 2.1 “Ella,” named after the great Ella Fitzgerald, one of my favorite singers. I did not encounter errors in the upgrading process, whichContinue reading “Nice work if you can get it: Ella sings and WordPress blings”

Manage your tasks with Accomplice

The recent Internet connectivity problem in the Philippines has allowed me to try several software packages in an attempt to replicate the task management that I do online. Before the connectivity problems, I managed all my tasks (personal, blog-related, work-related and other collaborative chores) using an installation of activeCollab. EASY TASK MANAGEMENT. Accomplice helps youContinue reading “Manage your tasks with Accomplice”

WordPress blog maintenance checklist

Unlike blogs hosted in such services as and, weblogs installed in your own server need regular checks and maintenance. Failing to do these checks can leave your blogs sluggish and even vulnerable to security problems. If you use WordPress to run your website, at the minimum, you need to be on the lookoutContinue reading “WordPress blog maintenance checklist”

Re-installing my life: the perils of keeping everything online

For more than a year, I have been moving my data online as part of an experiment to make the network my computer. With the telecoms disruption caused by a recent earthquake in Taiwan, my world crashed. As I write this, the Globelines Broadband connection I have at home is still horrendously slow. It isContinue reading “Re-installing my life: the perils of keeping everything online”

15 days with the Treo 680 smartphone

I’ve been asked to review the Palm Treo 680. I got the unit yesterday from Microwarehouse and I’ll be testing it until I return the unit in the first week of February. An official from Microwarehouse approached our executive editor weeks back asking her whether I would accept requests for reviews. Let me just spellContinue reading “15 days with the Treo 680 smartphone”

WeRoam saves the day: Updating WordPress to latest release

Internet connection has been dismal these past few days following the earthquake in Taiwan that cut submarine cables connecting parts of Asia to the Internet. The Globelines Broadband account I use at home chokes on most web sites. When I connect using it, I’d be able to load pages for the first few minutes andContinue reading “WeRoam saves the day: Updating WordPress to latest release”