Take 2: WordPress theme screencast

I’ve fixed my initial attempt at doing a video tutorial on turning a web template into a WordPress theme. It now loads. As I wrote earlier, I am still finalizing the screencast but I just posted it to get initial feedback as I’m thinking of redoing the entire thing. I wasn’t able to capture theContinue reading “Take 2: WordPress theme screencast”

Take 1: WordPress theme screencast for design-challenged non-geeks

(UPDATED) I created a screencast on how to turn any web template into a WordPress theme. I created the screencast for someone like me a few months back: interested to use an open source template for my blog and yet not knowing how to turn it into a theme. This is the first take because,Continue reading “Take 1: WordPress theme screencast for design-challenged non-geeks”

Invitation to a virtual press conference

I was forwarded an interesting e-mail today. It was an invitation to a “virtual press conference” with officials of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia. The press conference will tackle the scheduled unveiling later this month of The Philippines 2030 Roadmap and the Public Governance System. The press conference will be held at the “PressconContinue reading “Invitation to a virtual press conference”

Announcing nautica-magazine WordPress theme for webzines

To those who were waiting for this theme, I apologize for the delay in the release. I had to wade through various folders to get the latest version of the code because I was working on two sites using this theme at the same time. I have since been using Subversion via a free projectContinue reading “Announcing nautica-magazine WordPress theme for webzines”

Back up your mobile phone data online

Most people today rely on cell phones for the storage of contacts and appointments. This reliance on a single device can be risky and devastating when your phone gets lost or stolen. To prevent a disaster such as losing important contact details, you need to regularly back up your phone data. Most phones today comeContinue reading “Back up your mobile phone data online”

Google Analytics now open for new signups

For those waiting for Google Analytics to open signing up for new accounts again, you can do so at google.com/analytics. The Google Analytics team has announced in its blog that they’ve removed the waitlist for the website metrics service and now allow anyone with a website to create free accounts. Google Analytics is a comprehensiveContinue reading “Google Analytics now open for new signups”

Version control

I can be extremely disorganized with computer files. My bare desktop hides a labyrinthine hard drive that contains files in sub-folders upon illogically named sub-folders that at times, I actually have to search for files. I’m dependent on online drives for the centralized storage of files I’m working on. For so long, I used myContinue reading “Version control”

Database down; spirits up

I woke up to a WordPress database error yesterday. The error wasn’t caused by any changes I did to the site but something to do with the server. I spent hours the night before working on this, a demo of using WordPress to manage a news portal. With time to kill while waiting for theContinue reading “Database down; spirits up”

Back to basics

I started working before the word processor as we know it today and the graphical desktop became mainstream. In fact, in my first few weeks on the job, I used a typewriter. When I joined The Freeman, a Cebu City-based community newspaper, in 1996, its newsroom was using networked PCs running DOS. It took meContinue reading “Back to basics”