Creating my own WordPress theme, but not from scratch

I’ve just finished initial work on turning an open source web design into a WordPress theme. I had set out last week to attempt creating my own WordPress theme and offer it for download to anyone who might be interested in using it. I browsed through the designs submitted to the Open Source Web DesignContinue reading “Creating my own WordPress theme, but not from scratch”

Cebu artists strip for Budoy

Cebuís reggae king Budoy is a candidate for eviction from the Pinoy Big Brother show. To express their support and generate votes for Budoy, artists in Cebu, including UP Professor Raymund Fernandez, stripped in Kahayag Cafe. To view the photos (warning: may be not safe for work if you have as boss someone like Dr.Continue reading “Cebu artists strip for Budoy”

Wiki on a K750i? A txt file will do

I’m a huge fan of TiddlyWiki, a standalone web page that you can edit through a browser for just about anything: to-do lists, notes or any other text data. I’m an extensive user of one of its derivatives: the Zope server-based ZiddlyWiki but before that, I used GTDTiddlyWiki, a version that incorporates a getting thingsContinue reading “Wiki on a K750i? A txt file will do” online storage upgraded

Guys, thanks for signing up to through the affiliate button in this blog. My (affiliate link) free account has been upgraded to the premium package. If you havenít heard of, itís a service that offers users an online storage space for photos, documents and other files. is a great online storageContinue reading “ online storage upgraded”

Sigbins unite

Original sigbin and Cebuís reggae imp Budoy has been nominated for eviction in Pinoy Big Brother. To save Budoy, text BB BUDOY to 231 for Smart and 2331 for Globe. Whatís a sigbin? Hereís how Budoy describes the mythical creature in his song Original Sigbin: kon molakaw magtuwad abtik molayat, kusog molupad moabante pina-backward moatrasContinue reading “Sigbins unite”

Upgraded K750i firmware to latest version

(Update: the latest Sony Ericsson firmware is now: R1CA021) I upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version last night. The new firmware, R1BC002, fixes a lot of bugs and offers several enhancements to the phone. My phone’s previous firmware, R1N035, was three releases behind and still contained bugs. To check the firmwareContinue reading “Upgraded K750i firmware to latest version”

eyeOS: Get your own web-based operating system

Iíve long wanted to try out eyeOS, an open source web-based desktop system, but have never found the time to install it in one of my free PHP/MySQL accounts. Installing it in my current web host is out of the question: Iíve long learned, rather painfully, never to try scripts in my web server. eyeOSContinue reading “eyeOS: Get your own web-based operating system”

I want my Crazy Egg

Updated: I just got an invitation to the service through this blog post (check the comments). When Crazy Egg starts accepting signups for its free service there will be a stampede. Pete Cashmore of Mashable is gushing: “Wow! Just wow. Crazy Egg will absolutely blow you away.” Crazy Egg is a website tracking script thatContinue reading “I want my Crazy Egg”

Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2

I was in the middle of editing the new theme I’m using when I read the announcement of a security release for WordPress. Version 2.0.2 contains bugfixes and security fixes. Matt Mullenweg said in the version announcement: “The problems addressed are unannounced XSS issues privately discovered and reported to the WordPress team.” The announcement doesn’tContinue reading “Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2”