Having a smashing time

I haven’t been able to post in this blog lately nor visit my usual online haunts and my “later” to-do list has doubled these past several days. The reason: an office table tennis tournament. Ever since the office put up a new table in preparation for last year’s Cebu tri-media tournament, more and more Sun.StarContinue reading “Having a smashing time”

Listing of top Philippine news sites

The government-owned Philippine News Agency listed yesterday the top mainstream Philippine news websites based on Netcraft ranking. The data is taken from browsing habits of users of the Netcraft toolbar. I don’t know how big and representative that user base is. I also don’t know how PNA compiled the list, I tried looking for aContinue reading “Listing of top Philippine news sites”

MediaShift goes live

Update your blogrolls and RSS feed readers, PBS MediaShift is now live. The blog is run by journalist Mark Glaser, who previously wrote a column for Online Journalism Review of the USC Annenberg School of Communication. He also writes the OPA Intelligence Report email newsletter for the Online Publishers Association. MediaShift “is a weblog thatContinue reading “MediaShift goes live”

Bumps on the information superhighway

The Cebu Yearbook 2006 is out. Here’s part of the unedited article I submitted for publication: One municipal government’s website in Visayas is being maintained by its meat inspector. Frederick Amores, Visayas group head of the National Computer Center (NCC) Field Operations Office, could barely contain his laughter as he said this in an interview.Continue reading “Bumps on the information superhighway”

Cebu City’s biggest party is over

Sinulog is Cebu City’s biggest street party and gathering. People take over Cebu City streets in the annual street parade, held every third Sunday of January. Although there were fewer contingents last Sunday, the crowd that watched the parade appeared to be bigger. Here are some photos Marlen and I took of the celebration honoringContinue reading “Cebu City’s biggest party is over”

Meditation increases attention span, sharpens focus and improves memory

Researchers using advanced brainscanning technology “are beginning to show that meditation directly affects the function and structure of the brain, changing it in ways that appear to increase attention span, sharpen focus and improve memory,” Time reported. The magazine also reported that “one recent study found evidence that the daily practice of meditation thickened theContinue reading “Meditation increases attention span, sharpens focus and improves memory”

Cebu City gets makeover for annual mardi gras

Streamers and buntings are now all over central Cebu City, the route of the annual Sinulog street parade. Among the changes in this years mardi gras: 10 Cebu tourist spots will be showcased in tarpaulin installations in key areas of the parade route; contingents will be asked to perform their program usually reserved for theContinue reading “Cebu City gets makeover for annual mardi gras”

Blog design trends: big, bright and highlighted

ProBlogger links to a post on blog design trends written by Rachel Cunliffe in the cre8d design blog. Cunliffe, in her post, enumerates elements of current blog design trends: big fonts, big headers and footers, top border, bright colors, speech bubble comments, rounded corners, highlighted links. I won’t go as far as calling it aContinue reading “Blog design trends: big, bright and highlighted”