Why mainstream media don’t get it

There are articles that make you nod your head all the time you�d fear getting stiff neck. I just read and reread one an hour ago. It’s by Bob Cauthorn and it discusses blogging by mainstream media. The article sums up, in an acerbic tone, how most mainstream media outlets fail to understand blogging. SomeContinue reading “Why mainstream media don’t get it”

Finally, a perfect TiddlyWiki to manage my notes, tasks

(My notes’ journey from TiddlyWiki, GTDTiddlyWiki, ZiddlyWiki to “no name” TiddlyWiki) I organize my notes and tasks lists using GTDTiddlyWiki and a bunch of index cards that serve as a hipster PDA. GTDTiddlyWiki is a single web page that serves as a browser-based scratch pad or notebook. The notes are organized into Tiddlers – chunksContinue reading “Finally, a perfect TiddlyWiki to manage my notes, tasks”

“Ing” weakening verbs

Apparently it does. See how stronger the headline would be if you say: Ing weakens verbs. Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark writes in his 51st writing tool “Too Many ‘ings’“: Let me offer reasons why ‘ing’ might weaken a verb. 1. When I add an ‘ing,’ I add a syllable to the word. This does notContinue reading ““Ing” weakening verbs”

Managing e-mails, one message at a time

I have three personal e-mail accounts and one office-assigned address. I check my main personal e-mail with Gmail as soon as I wake up and upon reaching the office from then, the browser isnt closed until I leave the newsroom. When I get home, I check my mails again if I decide to goContinue reading “Managing e-mails, one message at a time”

GlobeQuest rolls out Wi-Fi in Manila malls

Innove’s corporate arm GlobeQuest has partnered with Ayala Center to deploy Wi-Fi in Ayala Malls. GlobeQuest, through its Wireless Internet Zone (Wiz), placed W-Fi hotspots in Glorietta, Greenbelt, and Alabang Town Center, and other popular hang-outs in Metro Manila. The hotspots allows users in these establishments to browse the Web, access e-mail, play network gamesContinue reading “GlobeQuest rolls out Wi-Fi in Manila malls”

Podcasting without really trying

A website is offering to automatically create podcasts from text-only blogs for free. Talkr has long been offering this service but previously limited it to well-known bloggers. While many companies have been releasing podcasting tools in the past months, Talkr is different, says its chief executive officer Chris Brooks in a press statement. Those otherContinue reading “Podcasting without really trying”

Free as in beer — really

A group of college students published under a Creative Commons license the recipe for a beer they brewed. The license allows anyone to use the recipe “for pleasure or profit.” Here’s part of the Wired article on the news: Their inspiration wasn’t just to get drunk, but to see what happens when an open-source structureContinue reading “Free as in beer — really”

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 not as good as Fifa 2005

Here’s a review I wrote for Sun.Star Cebu’s Cybercafe page last year. I posted this in one of the previous versions of Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments. THE first time I played Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 4, I was a little bit disappointed. I’ve been playing EA Sports’ Fifa franchise for months, starting with FifaContinue reading “Pro Evolution Soccer 4 not as good as Fifa 2005”