An easier way to write tutorials on how to use software

Writing a tutorial on how to use a software or web script can be difficult. People understand instructions better if there are visual cues to follow and there lies the difficulty, how to get screen captures to use for the illustration. Recently, a group sought my help for their website. They wanted to haveContinue reading “An easier way to write tutorials on how to use software”

“The page one pope”

Sun.Star Cebu‘s page one story on the death of Pope John Paul II is included in a book reprinting the front pages of newspapers from around the world. The collection, according to Amazon‘s book description edited by Poynter, “includes 144 reproductions of front pages from newspapers in the United States plus major newspapers from aroundContinue reading ““The page one pope””

Throw away those index cards, use your own wiki page

Do you still organize your notes using index cards? I used to do this in college and I’d have a bunch of cards for each subject I took. I can’t recall using index cards regularly for my reporting. I did use the cards for at least one special report I wrote for The Freeman. ThroughContinue reading “Throw away those index cards, use your own wiki page”

Using your PC to manage your phone

I have always been a fan of Ericsson phones but never of its bundled PC connectivity software. Previous versions of the software allow you to manage, to a certain extent, your phone data but not your messages. When I bought a T630, I never bothered installing the software that came with it. Instead, I usedContinue reading “Using your PC to manage your phone”

Installing a WordPress-powered site

I was finally able to install WordPress for a site I help manage – PFMCPI — The Philippine Federation of Married Catholic Priests, Inc. The site used to run on a Serendipity installation. I think Serendipity is the better blog script. My previous Cybercafe Experiments site used Serendipity. In PFMCPI’s case, however, WordPress seemed theContinue reading “Installing a WordPress-powered site”

Yahoo 360 test run

Im trying out Yahoo 360, the Internet pioneers social networking (think Friendster) and blogging service. Yahoo 360, still in beta or testing phase, looks great but it isnt compelling enough to draw away current users of Blogger, Friendster or Multiply. Yahoo 360 is similar to, a social networking site with ability to create blogs,Continue reading “Yahoo 360 test run”