Using activeCollab to manage blog posts, article ideas

I’m spending a lot of time in my activeCollab installation these past weeks. ActiveCollab is an open source project management and collaboration script that had been described as a clone of the popular Basecamp service (but I think it’s much more than that).

activeCollab CREATING FORMS. ActiveCollab allows you to create forms that automatically add data to your to-do list or message. This allows me to replicate my Wridea workflow in my activeCollab installation. Click on photo to view larger image.

I’m using the web-based script for several projects. I’ve also been using it to manage blog posts and articles for my publication that I’m working on. This makes sense as I have my activeCollab screen a third of the time I’m in front of the computer.

Before I stumbled on activeCollab, I managed my blog posts using Wridea. But a really good feature in activeCollab allows me to replicate this functionality in my installation.

ActiveCollab allows you to create forms that connect to your to-do list or messages.

I created a “Blog post” to-do list in activeCollab and then created a form that will add anything I enter into that to-do list. This mimics my workflow in Wridea and saves me a lot of clicks as the form is accessible in my project page for my blog.

Here’s how I did it:

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  1. I finally understood how activecollab works, hehe
    I’ll give it a try, once Sir Abe does upgrades the PHP to version 5 on my blog’s server though.

  2. […] The recent Internet connectivity problem in the Philippines has allowed me to try several software packages in an attempt to replicate the task management that I do online. Before the connectivity problems, I managed all my tasks (personal, blog-related, work-related and other collaborative chores) using an installation of activeCollab. EASY TASK MANAGEMENT. Accomplice helps you manage your tasks easily and collaborate with other users. Click on photo to view larger image. […]

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