The LG G2 is a great high-end Android phone

THE first thing that strikes you when you turn on the LG G2 is how beautiful the display is. It is sharp and vibrant and comes on such a big screen. It’s almost realistic you’d find yourself gingerly pressing the glass. And as you start using what is currently LG’s flagship device, the next thing that will strike you is how responsive it is. Opening apps, switching between applications and moving between screens feel fluid and seamless. And as the day wears on, you’d find the phone’s large battery capacity kicking in, allowing you to use the device for an entire day without having to recharge. I tried the LG G2 for several weeks and found the phone, which comes with Android Jelly Bean, a joy to use. [caption id="attachment_1489" align="alignnone" width="1200"]LG G2 GREAT ANDROID PHONE. The LG G2 packs a formidable processor with high capacity battery to make for a great mobile device.[/caption] As a heavy phone user, I use my phone as my main computer. It’s the first device I check in the morning and the last one I open at night. Throughout the day, I use it for various work and personal tasks. The phone is my main email and reading device. And as a journalist, the phone is a personal newsroom where work and play coexist.

Excellent phone display

Coming from an iPhone 5, the G2’s screen really stands out. It’s just about right for reading on the phone - big enough to make the reading enjoyable and small enough to still be handy. The LG G2 comes with a 5.2" Full HD IPS display with a 423 pixels-per-inch resolution. The company said the Full HD screen will give you an “authentic view of whatever you’re looking at.” The G2 is a great reading device that comes with an auto-brightness capability that works. Whether catching up with news on Flipboard or Zite, going through long reads saved in Pocket or reading ebooks on the Kindle app, reading is a great experience on the G2. The G2’s HD display also makes viewing movies on the phone a great experience. I store movies at home with a network attached storage and stream these using an Android app - a setup I took full advantage of with the G2. I watched episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot (at 1 hour and 30 minutes each), Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (55 minutes each) and The Blacklist (45 minutes) in bed and find the phone still on when I wake up. On the iPhone, I’d find the battery drained. [caption id="attachment_1490" align="alignnone" width="1200"]LG G2 Sinulog Guide GREAT DISPLAY. The LG G2 comes with a sharpand vibrant display with a screen big enough to make reading enjoyable and small enough to still be handy. Above, the phone shows the Android app version of our Sinulog Guide.[/caption]

Battery capacity

Battery capacity is one standout feature of the LG G2. It comes with a 3,000 mAh battery unmatched by phones in its class. With the G2, I could leave home without a charger, confident the phone will last me the day. This is particularly useful for my job - as a journalist I need to be constantly connected to keep up with news and updates and to do work. The battery is the bane of modern phones but with the G2, it is its best feature. Even with my son playing graphics-intensive games on the phone, the G2 still had enough power for me to do work. And power is one thing the G2 has plenty of - it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor with 2.26Ghz quadcore CPUs. For people of a certain generation reading about processor specifications of desktops that used to be launched annually, it boggles the mind to find these numbers on today’s mobile devices. The processor serves the G2 well, allowing you to indulge in the vice of modern living - digital multi-tasking - without the device freezing or slowing to a stuttering display.

13-megapixel camera

The G2 also comes with a good camera: a 13-megapixel device that comes with an optical image stabilizer technology to steady the image, even with our shaky hands while doing selfies. It also comes with multi points auto focus to help you get clearer shots. [caption id="attachment_1491" align="alignnone" width="1200"]G2 sample photo SAMPLE PHOTO. This photo was taken with the LG G2. This image has been edited and scaled down. For the unedited version, check the image in Flickr.[/caption] The G2’s controls are different from other phones - the buttons are placed at the back of the device, right where your index finger is when holding the device during a phone call. It needs a little getting used to, and for me it took a couple of days. The phone also has a different way to wake up. You just need to double tap on the screen to make it active again. It also comes with audio zoom that will allow you to focus on an audio source by zooming in on it while recording the video. LG said the feature “uses three stereo mikes, which amplify sound from the specified angle and deemphasize the surrounding noise, so you can zoom in on the sounds you want to hear, and tune out those you don’t.”

Quick Window case

The LG G2 also has a unique phone case with a “quick window” capability. It offers you a peek, via a small cutout display on the front cover, on such things as the time, missed calls and messages. The Quick Window case comes free with the G2 package as part of the company’s promotion. The device comes with a plethora of features: high-speed connectivity with LTE, NFC-capability, plug and pop that presents icons related to listening as soon as you plug in a headphone, guest mode to allow other people to use the device, among other technical specs. [caption id="attachment_1492" align="alignnone" width="1200"]LG G2 quick window phone case QUICK WINDOW. The LG G2 comes with a free phone case with Quick Window capability.[/caption] What I don’t like about the device is its lack of a memory card slot to expand storage. But this is easily dealt with by cloud storage services and apps. I wasn’t sold on its default launcher and Android customization but, in fairness and to be honest, I never gave it a chance. The first thing I’d do on any Android device is to replace its home launcher. My current choice is Nova Launcher, which worked well with the device. But all in all, the G2 is a top-class Android phone. It’s suggested retail price is P29,990, which is not bad compared with other devices in its range. The G2 is a top-class Android phone. Its suggested retail price is P29,990, which is not bad compared with other devices in its range. If you’re considering a high-end Android device for your Christmas phone upgrade this year, the LG G2 should be among the first devices you should consider.
Facebook Messenger on BlackBerry Z10

Google Chrome simplifies sideloading of Android apps to BlackBerry Z10

One of the key features of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system that runs on newer devices like the Playbook, Z10 and Q10 is its ability to run some Android apps that have been converted into .bar files. To install these apps, you need to “sideload” the files or transfer these to the phone via a laptop or desktop. If you’re on Windows, you can sideload the files using DDPB or VNBB10. If you’re on a Mac, it used to be a bit more complicated to install Android apps and required that you type commands on the Terminal. A Google Chrome extension, however, simplifies this task. Here’s a step-by-step instruction from BlackBerry portal CrackBerry. [caption id="attachment_1233" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Facebook Messenger on BlackBerry Z10 FB MESSENGER ON Z10. I installed Facebook Messenger, which I use even for work messaging, into the BlackBerry Z10 by sideloading via a Google Chrome extension. (Photo by Max Limpag)[/caption] To sideload using your Google Chrome browser, all you need to do is: 1) Install the Playbook App Manager available at the Google Chrome Store, 2) Put your BlackBerry on Development Mode by going to Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode 3) Connect to your device by entering its IP address in the Device Hostnames/IPS field (if you can’t connect using the IP address listed in the Development Mode screen, try connecting using the IP address indicated in Settings > About then choose Network in the Category field. You will get a "The site's security certificate is not trusted" warning, click on Proceed anyway and 4) Install .bar files into the device either by dragging the files into the upper right corner of the browser or clicking on the Install App button. What’s great about the system is that you no longer need to use the data cable, you can connect to your BlackBerry device via Wi-Fi. When I first used this, however, I still needed my cable because the configuration of our office Wi-Fi prevented me from connecting to the phone. At home, I had no such problem and I was able to install apps to the device from my laptop via Wi-Fi. [caption id="attachment_1234" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Google Chrome sideload Android apps to BlackBerry A Google Chrome extension simplifies the process of "sideloading" Android apps into your BlackBerry device.[/caption] I just installed some Android apps that do not have BlackBerry versions available in the BlackBerry App World into my BlackBerry Z10 using a MacBook Pro. These include the news reading app Zite, Facebook Messenger (which I now use even for work-related messaging), AirDroid, Facebook Pages Manager, Google Maps, the multi-protocol messaging app imo and Flipboard. All the apps worked after installation. I encountered “500 cannot determine Package-Id” errors a few times during installing .bar files and these were because the files were not completely downloaded. I was downloading at a time when the office Internet connection had issues. I fixed the error by re-downloading the .bar files. All the apps I installed worked although Facebook Messenger needed a couple of restarts before I could log in. Flipboard installed and ran but I still could not get past the log in screen (it is my 5th attempt as I write this, it still won’t log in.) AirDroid worked but I could not view text messages and when I tried to send one, the dropdown screen did not list my contacts. Bummer. You can get .bar files from the GoodEReader site and this listing at the CrackBerry forum.
HOME NAS SETUP. The CD-R King router CW-5356U runs the Tomato firmware that simplifies the setting up of a network-attached storage. (Photo by Max Limpag)

Open source for the win

ON Christmas Eve, I cobbled together a network-attached storage (NAS) at home to enable everyone in our house to have a shared directory for school, work and personal files. This shared directory is also accessible from outside the house - like a rudimentary personal “cloud” for our family. It wasn't complicated -- you can go to my blog for the article on the process --- because the setup was a matter of connecting an old portable USB drive to a cheap CD-R King wireless router and setting things up using a visual interface. The magic sauce in the setup is the Tomato firmware that runs on the router. Tomato is a Linux-based router firmware that allows you to manage your device on such things as filtering and setting quality of service rules for certain types of connections so that people browsing websites don’t experience crawling connection when someone downloads using a torrent. [caption id="attachment_1141" align="alignnone" width="1000"]HOME NAS SETUP. The CD-R King router CW-5356U runs the Tomato firmware that simplifies the setting up of a network-attached storage. (Photo by Max Limpag) HOME NAS SETUP. The CD-R King router CW-5356U runs the Tomato firmware that simplifies the setting up of a network-attached storage. (Photo by Max Limpag)[/caption] The Tomato firmware that comes with the CD-R King router that I use, a CW-5356U model, simplifies the setting up of a NAS by allowing you to plug a portable drive into the router’s USB port. You can set the system to auto-mount any drive that you plug into it and make it shareable in your network. You can also designate a password for your shared drive so that not everyone who connects to your Wi-Fi can access it. The system also assists you in setting up an FTP (file transfer protocol) server that will allow you to access that drive outside of your network. You can, with the setup, access your home files from the office or even on the go.

Promise of open source

What’s even more fun is that you can view movies stored on your portable drive over your iPhone or iPad. The router also has a facility that will allow you to connect a printer to its USB port to turn it into a network printer. It also allows you to set up complex rules that can, for example, bar your children from accessing Facebook during class days but allow you to continue using the social network. For just P1,280, the wireless router trumps the features of branded and more expensive models. I think the CD-R King router illustrates the promise of open source software. Tomato firmware is open source, meaning it is released under a license that encourages sharing the software and collaborating to make it better. Any wireless router manufacturer can use the Tomato firmware for its product. By using Tomato, the manufacturer no longer has to spend to develop and maintain its own firmware. Instead, it can just concentrate on the manufacturing side of the business. By using Tomato, CD-R King is able to manufacture a router that’s really top-class for such a low price. But if there’s an open source project that’s really making such a huge impact, it’s Android. There are phones in the market today that are powerful and advanced and yet cost less than P10,000. Cherry Mobile’s Flare, for example, costs just P3,999 but comes with formidable specs: Android ICS, 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor, five-megapixel camera and dual-SIM capability. It was such a hot item during the holidays that stocks were wiped out.
EVERNOTE. The Evernote applications for iOS and Android allow you to manage your notes on the go.

App-y New Year

Mobile exploded in 2012. US consumers now spend 1.8 more times in mobiles apps than on the Web, according to Flurry, a mobile analytics company. Flurry said that between December 2011 and December 2012, “the average time spent inside mobile apps by a US consumer grew 35 percent, from 94 minutes to 127 minutes.” Closer to home, the Philippines recorded a 326 percent increase in smartphone sales, the fastest growth in the Southeast Asian region, according to research company GfK. The Philippines is also the country “with the highest jump in smartphone market share within a year, from 9 to 24 percent,” GfK said in a press statement last September. To mark the end of this year of mobile, let me riff on a Pinoy New Year’s Eve tradition by offering you my favorite apps in 12 task categories, in no particular order: [caption id="attachment_1103" align="alignnone" width="1000"]News apps Zite, Prismatic and News.me NEWS APPS. (From left) Zite, Prismatic and News.me harness social networking connections to match news stories to users' interests.[/caption] 1) Zite. This is my favorite news app. Zite, from the word “zeitgeist” or the spirit of our times, learns from how you interact with content and then serves you with news stories that match your interests. My other favorite news apps are Flipboard, Pulse, Currents and Prismatic. AP Mobile, meanwhile, not only has extensive news coverage but also gives breaking news alerts. I also love News.me and Curate.me, which keep track of how people in your social networks share content and use this as signal to determine which news stories to send you via e-mail. Recently released RockMelt also looks promising. 2) Evernote. For managing notes and jotting ideas, nothing beats Evernote, a web service with apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. 3) Stitcher Radio. This app simplifies the downloading or streaming and listening to podcasts. 4) Viber. I personally prefer Kik, which is faster especially on lower-end phones, but people are on Viber. The app allows you to call or send a text message to another Viber user for free. Other messaging apps that I use with certain groups of people include WhatsApp and GroupMe. Facebook’s Messenger app is also very useful, especially if you need to contact people who are always on that social network. 5) Smartr. This contacts service and app populates your contacts with data grabbed from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It then shows you complete data on a specific contact–photo, job title, company details–and your email history. 6) Pocket. The service used to be known as Read It Later and allows you to save articles, without the ads and other distracting elements, for reading later. 7) Checkmark. I got this app, which normally costs $4.99, for free during its “end of the world sale” last Dec. 21. Checkmark is a location-based reminder app that’s so easy to use. Any.DO has started to implement this but it’s nowhere near the ease of use and polish of Checkmark. 8) Imo messenger. This app allows you to log into all your instant messaging accounts on your phone. Among the IM apps that I’ve used, imo.im provides the best experience. 9) Podio. I work on several projects with different sets of collaborators and rely on Podio to keep track of tasks. It is a robust project management Web service with good apps for Android and iOS. [caption id="attachment_1106" align="alignnone" width="1000"]EVERNOTE. The Evernote applications for iOS and Android allow you to manage your notes on the go. EVERNOTE. The Evernote applications for iOS and Android allow you to manage your notes on the go.[/caption] 10) Runkeeper. The app keeps track of your walking or running mileage through your phone’s GPS. 11) Google+. Sure, people are saying it’s a ghost town but the Google+ app offers a better social networking experience for me. Among its great features are the automatic photo uploading, Hangout, Messenger and Communities. Path is another good mobile social networking app. 12) Project Noah. Whether keeping track of a typhoon or deciding to do the laundry, weather information is crucial, especially at this time of climate change. Noah stands for Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards and is a DOST project that has apps for Android (created by a Davao-based developer) and iOS (developed by ABS-CBN). I also asked a few people on their favorite mobile apps and these were what they shared: Entrepreneur Jay Aldeguer: SoundHound. “I like listening to music and often times I don’t know the artists behind them; SoundHound gives me all the info I need just by “listening” to what’s playing.” Sports writer John Pages: Flipboard. “All articles come with photos. You can customize the topics you want to read. It is frequently updated. Sources are divers. It’s free. And as its name implies, easy flipping between articles.” Meralco vice president and chief information officer Marthyn Cuan: MMDA app and Meralco MOVE. “I love the MMDA app as this allows me to navigate through traffic. Meralco’s MOVE app keeps me informed on power maintenance schedules and appliance consumption.” Port Restaurant chief operations officer Evangeline Hayco: Jango. “You can type in an artist or genre and it will play all kinds of songs similar to it. I never have to full up my iTunes library ever again. It’s free and play only one advertisement a day.” Photographer James Go: Hipstamatic and Snapseed. “I use Hipstamatic for food shots, specifically the foodie pack expansion. It just works, food looks way better with just one press of a button. For everything else, there’s Snapseed. I have full control of my image editing, even sophisticated adjustments.” Bankers Association of the Philippines president Abet Villarosa: IBreviary. “It contains the breviary prayers for morning, daytime, evening and night prayers. It also contains the mass and its readings. I have in my small iPhone 5 all that I need, which otherwise I would have to bring two large prayer books for.” Smart public affairs manager for online services Nick Wilwayco: Project Noah Mobile for Android. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to be prepared plus it was made by a DOST scholar who gave back to the country.” Photographer and blogger Estan Cabigas: Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare “for updates on the go.” Megaworld director for strategic marketing Harold Geronimo: Metro Traffic. “It makes driving around Metro Manila easier because I know which roads to take during peak hours. It’s so updated and accurate.” Blogger Nancy Cudis: Instagram. “It’s easy to use and I can readily post and share my photos on my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I also enjoy seeing fun photos of my friends. Lawyer Cecille Soria: TweakDeck on Android. “I live in Twitter. It’s useful for marking life updates, catching up with friends, discussing news and whatnot and as links dump stuff to read. Tweakdeck is robust and can handle multiple accounts. This is useful since I also help manage @PHNetDems Twitter account for the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom.” Smart senior manager Menchie Quiñal: Maps. “I travel a lot these days. When I do my travel plan, I check the map first and mark the must-visit places and food strips before I book my hotel. From there I can best manage budget and time.” Sun.Star Cebu editor-in-chief Isolde Amante: Kindle app. “It allows me to spend less for books that are delivered in under two minutes rather than three to four weeks.” Cardiologist Alex Junia: MyFitnessPal “so I can record my food intake and exercise.” Golfer Bayani Garcia: Viber and WhatsApp. “It’s a great way to communicate with people. It’s much more fun with the group chats with my friends. Also, it’s such a convenient way to send photos and videos.” MyNimo.com president Wesley Chiongbian: Waze. “It’s a GPS app that gives you real time traffic updates from other ‘Wazers’.” Programmer and start-up founder Mark Buenconsejo: Tweetbot and Pocket. “Tweetbot is one of the best developed app for iOS. Everytime I use it, I can feel the passion of the developers, who made sure I have the best mobile experience. It also integrates nicely with Pocket, Camera+ and Cloud app. I like to use Pocket because it integrates nicles with Tweetbot, Twitter and BufferApp. My workflow starts with Twitter and if I find something interesting to read, I add it to Pocket. Pocket works and does not get in the way. It’s free but I’d be glad to pay for it so they can continue to make the best Web reader out there.”
TOPPING WISH LISTS. According to a survey by Nielsen, 48 percent of American children aged 6 to 12 want an iPad for Christmas. (Apple press center photo)

Did you get a smartphone, tablet as gift? Some tips on how to set it up

HAVE you been particularly nice or especially naughty this year and got a smartphone or tablet as Christmas gift? Lucky you; you’re in for hours of fun setting up your device tonight. Here are some tips on setting up your smartphone or tablet. The first thing you should do after unboxing your device is to keep track of all components and accessories and figure out which goes where. Copy serial numbers and other important device information and set aside such things as the warranty card and the card that comes with your SIM (which contains the PIN unblocking code.) You should also take time to read the manual. (A confession: I don’t. I only consult the manual when I inevitably bump into problems.)   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]TOPPING WISH LISTS. According to a survey by Nielsen, 48 percent of American children aged 6 to 12 want an iPad for Christmas. (Apple press center photo) TOPPING WISH LISTS. According to a survey by Nielsen, 48 percent of American children aged 6 to 12 want an iPad for Christmas. (Apple press center photo)[/caption]

Data access

The next thing you should do is learn how to turn off mobile Internet access. There are enough horror stories to fill five manuals about people having to pay thousands of pesos because they unwittingly left on their mobile Internet connectivity. In iPhones, it’s at Settings > General > Cellular then choose “OFF” in Cellular Data. In Android devices you can find it in Settings then Mobile Network. In many Android devices you can just swipe down the home screen to get access to settings that include turning off mobile Internet access. You could also install widgets that will allow you to turn off such things as mobile Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Sound on the home screen. If you’re setting up an iPhone or iPad, you should immediately sign up for an iTunes account so that you can add apps to your device. Connect your email account to your device so that you can start using it for your messages. You should also enable iMessage to take advantage of Apple’s messaging system. If you’re setting up an Android device, you need to have a Gmail account to take full advantage of its capabilities. Beyond e-mail, the account handles your contacts database (via Google Contacts) and calendar items.


Another important setting that you should take time to set up is security. You should enable lock screen security so that people can’t access your device. In iPhones, you can require a numeric password in Settings > General > Password Lock. Android users have the option of setting up a numeric password or a pattern lock by going to Settings > Security. Another important thing you should set up is to enable tracking of your device in case it gets stolen. Users of Apple devices can set up Find My iPhone to track lost iPhones, iPads and even Macs. An acquaintance was able to trace her iPad to a house in Barangay Camputhaw when it was stolen earlier this year. Police, however, were still not able to recover it despite the information. For Android users, a great security app to use is Lookout Mobile Security. The app protects your Android device from viruses and malware and helps you keep track of it in case it gets lost or stolen. The system also has a feature that will report its last known location when it detects that the unit is about to run out of battery. Unlike iPhone, Android users have the added capability of replacing several phone components like SMS messaging and even customizing its launcher. Users of Android phones with adequate resources (those with dual core devices) can replace their launcher with Go Launcher EX, which looks good and offers added functionality but requires resources. It is part of a suite of great Android apps by the highly-regard Go development team that includes Go SMS, which you should install to replace your stock messaging app. Those with slower processors can use Zeam, a light weight Android launcher that’s really responsive even on entry-level devices.

Great apps

A smartphone is a great productivity tool. It is the Swiss Army knife of modern living. A smartphone isn’t just a device for calling, it’s a portable office, communications system, GPS device, camera, voice recorder, social networking tool, mobile reporting tool, health monitoring system, among a myriad other things. If there’s a task to be done, there usually is an app for that. Some of the great apps that I and people I know use include: Any.DO for task management; Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, Prismatic and Google Currents for news reading; Pocket (formerly Read It Later); Smartr Contacts to populate your contacts with social networking data; Evernote for managing notes; Google Chrome to replace your stock browser and share browsing data across different devices; Dropbox and Google Drive for online storage; and Stitcher Radio to listen to podcasts.
BIG BATTERY. The flagship Cloudfone model, the Thrill 430x, comes with a battery that can power the unit for 3 days, officials said. (Photo by Marlen Limpag)

Cloudfone wants everyone to own a smartphone

THE ebullience of Chico Pasion and Francis Capati of Phoneco was palpable in Friday’s launch in Cebu of the company’s Cloudfone Android line. “We will kill feature phones!” “We don’t need feature phones!” “We want people to throw away their phones and update to a new one!” Pasion, national sales manager of Phoneco, said they want the low to mid-range market to move to Android instead of buying or keeping their feature phones, the industry term for phones that are more than just basic calling devices but lack the features of a smartphone. “If not for the price, I don’t think people will buy feature phones,” he said during Friday’s Cloudfone launch in SM City Cebu. The company’s devices are meant to answer the lower to mid-market demand for smartphones, he said. Cloudfone models sell from about P2,500 to P7,777.

Full smartphone experience

“We want to be the leader in the Android market,” Pasion said, pointing out that among Filipino brands, “not one brand can claim they own the Android sphere.” [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]BIG BATTERY. The flagship Cloudfone model, the Thrill 430x, comes with a battery that can power the unit for 3 days, officials said. (Photo by Marlen Limpag) BIG BATTERY. The flagship Cloudfone model, the Thrill 430x, comes with a battery that can power the unit for 3 days, officials said. (Photo by Marlen Limpag)[/caption] He said they want to “provide the full smartphone experience” to the low to mid-end market segment. He said statistics showing increasing smartphone adoption and Internet and mobile Internet usage prompted their company to focus on producing Android devices. Capati said standard features of Cloudfone models are dual-SIM capability, WiFi hotspot-enabled and FM radio. He said the company’s devices use either Android Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich. The model numbers of their devices indicate screen sizes.

Challenging boundaries

Pasion said Phoneco is “challenging boundaries” with Cloudfone, challenging assumptions that: 1) phone manufacturers cannot survive without feature phones, 2) an HD screen cannot be done on less than P10,000, and 3) big battery comes at a price. The company’s flagship phone is the Thrill 430x. It has a 4.3-inch IPS (in-plane switching technology) QHD capacitive touchscreen display that makes for rich visuals and an eight-megapixel AF camera with dual LED flash and a front camera. The phone runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 1.2GHz dual core processor. But what makes the phone stand out is its battery: a polymer 4160mAh beast that can power the phone for three days, Pasion and Capati said. Most Android devices barely last a day with extensive use. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]The Cloudfone Thrill 430x beside an iPhone 4s. (Photo by Marlen Limpag) The Cloudfone Thrill 430x beside an iPhone 4s. (Photo by Marlen Limpag)[/caption] I’ve been able to play with the phone for three days now (my wife, who was covering the launch for BusinessWorld, won the unit during a raffle and asked me to set it up) and I think the Thrill 430X is really impressive for its price– P7,777. It’s a bit heavy, about an iPhone-and-a-half, but that’s a small price to pay for its battery life.

Cebu distributor

In Cebu, you can buy Cloudfone units from RC Goldline, its exclusive distributor. They set up a demo kiosk in SM City Cebu where consumers can try out the different devices. Capati said people do not have to save up to buy their phones. He said people can immediately buy the device after trying these out. Pasion said their phones are designed in the Philippines but assembled in China. He said they are currently in talks with an Australian company to export their devices to that country. Pasion said they are set to release their own tablet either by the end of the year or early 2013. He said, during his “Fearless Forecasts” portion of his presentation, that by 2013, “majority of phones will be more than 4 inches” in screen size. He also said that their competitors “will copy our big battery in Q2.” But, he said, “we will continue to challenge boundaries.” [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]BIG BATTERY. The Cloudphone Thrill 430x comes with a polymer 4160mAh battery that can power the phone for three days. BIG BATTERY. The Cloudphone Thrill 430x comes with a polymer 4160mAh battery that can power the phone for three days.[/caption]
FINDING PEOPLE. The Find My Friends app for the iPhone allows people to share location data with friends.


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There is no definite confirmation of the incident but the post shows the extent of location data gathered by consumer devices like smartphones, buy TETRACYCLINE from mexico. Cheap TETRACYCLINE no rx, [caption id="attachment_889" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="FINDING PEOPLE. The Find My Friends app for the iPhone allows people to share location data with friends."]FINDING PEOPLE, <b>TETRACYCLINE FOR SALE</b>. The Find My Friends app for the iPhone allows people to share location data with friends, <b>buy generic TETRACYCLINE</b>.  <b>TETRACYCLINE mg</b>, [/caption]

GPS is a navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense. It uses a network of satellites to give position data accurate to a few meters, TETRACYCLINE without prescription. Online buy TETRACYCLINE without a prescription, Even gadgets for civilian uses have accuracies that were once unthinkable. TETRACYCLINE FOR SALE, A Garmin GPS watch, for example, draws a zigzag to represent the position readings when you go up the stair in the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. That’s how accurate its readings are, TETRACYCLINE canada, mexico, india. TETRACYCLINE interactions, That is the same system that tracks location in today’s smartphones.

Location services for phones are nothing new, buy no prescription TETRACYCLINE online. Cheap TETRACYCLINE, Several years back, telcos used to offer person finder services using triangulation via cellphone towers to determine location, buy TETRACYCLINE no prescription. But the accuracy of this system is nothing like that of GPS, TETRACYCLINE FOR SALE. Kjøpe TETRACYCLINE på nett, köpa TETRACYCLINE online, When I tested that setup in a column in 2007, the system said I was in Sacred Heart Parish when I was, taking TETRACYCLINE, TETRACYCLINE dosage, in fact, standing right in front of Cebu City’s red light district in Kamagayan, real brand TETRACYCLINE online. Order TETRACYCLINE from mexican pharmacy, With GPS, however, generic TETRACYCLINE, Online buying TETRACYCLINE, you will have pinpoint accuracy. Location sharing services like Find My Friends and Google Latitude in Android (which came up with the feature first) will show your location within a few meters, TETRACYCLINE maximum dosage. TETRACYCLINE no prescription, If you’re in Kamagayan, it will pinpoint you to the specific house in Kamagayan that you are in, is TETRACYCLINE safe. TETRACYCLINE FOR SALE, If you’re in a motel when you’re supposed to be in church, boy are you in trouble. TETRACYCLINE street price, But location privacy doesn’t seem to concern people as they used to, if the popularity of such services as Foursquare, TETRACYCLINE cost, Gowalla and Facebook check-ins are to be considered. Many people like to share locations with friends, mostly in the hope of meeting up if they are within distance.

That, however, can be dangerous. It is an invitation to be robbed, as the website Please Rob Me showed in 2010 (the site has since stopped displaying data).

Showing people where you are makes your house vulnerable to robbery, especially if location data for your house is also publicly available. This is the reason I only turn on my Garmin watch outside our subdivision during my runs --- social sports tracking sites like Daily Mile can display your running route and show people where your house is if you turn on your GPS device in front of your home.

What’s worse is that in a country like the Philippines, especially in certain areas with problems on peace and order, location sharing can also be an invitation to kidnapping.


Edmon Joson, Smart Communications Inc. product development manager, demonstrates features of the Netphone 701 during a press conference in Cebu. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, In the US, 89 percent of those with smartphones use it throughout the day, according to a study published last April by Google. The study, CIALIS coupon, based on interviews of 5,013 American adults who identified themselves as users of smartphones, said the device has become a consumer’s “always-on companion” and 93 percent use it at home, buy CIALIS no prescription, 87 percent while commuting or walking, Buying CIALIS online over the counter, 77 percent while in a store and 72 percent while at work.

Smartphones, according to the study, CIALIS interactions, “serve as pocket PCs and extend the desktop experience” with 81 percent of smartphone users browsing the Internet, Where can i order CIALIS without prescription, 77 percent using search engines and 68 percent using an app. Seventy-two percent of users also report using their phones while consuming other media like listening to music, 44 percent; watching TV, low dose CIALIS, 33 percent; reading a book, What is CIALIS, 16 percent; and reading a newspaper or magazine, 22 percent.

The study offers a peek into the quickly rising use of mobile devices to access the Internet, CIALIS no rx. It’s just a peek because local usage scenario would likely be slightly different, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. For instance, CIALIS results, the study said 89 percent of US respondents use their smartphones to stay connected with 82 percent saying they check and send emails with their phones and 63 percent using it for social networking. The numbers will likely be the other way around for Filipinos, who are among the world’s most active group of people in social networks, fast shipping CIALIS.

Giovanni Bacareza, CIALIS description, head of broadband Internet and data services for Smart Communications, Inc., said they had local conditions and needs firmly in mind when they produced the Netphone, cheap CIALIS, an Android-powered smartphone with key unique features. Australia, uk, us, usa,

Safe Browse feature

Bacareza said smartphones were built to be always connected to the Internet. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, In contrast, Filipinos only want to pay for service they need and demand affordability.

The Netphone 701 comes with Safe Browse, which the company patented, CIALIS pictures, that allows the unit to disconnect from the Internet so as not to incur charges and yet still connect to a set of apps and services offered for free by the telco. CIALIS from mexico, While there are widgets you can install in your Android phone to easily turn Internet access on and off, Safe Browse is a first because it allows selective connections.

[caption id="attachment_872" align="alignright" width="250"]Edmon Joson, Smart Communications Inc, <b>BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION</b>. product development manager, <b>after CIALIS</b>, demonstrates features of the Netphone 701 during a press conference in Cebu.  <b>Effects of CIALIS</b>, (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Edmon Joson, Smart Communications Inc. product development manager, discount CIALIS, demonstrates features of the Netphone 701 during a press conference in Cebu. CIALIS long term, (CLICK TO ENLARGE)[/caption]

During last Friday’s unveiling in Cebu, Smart showed a Netphone with just P7 in prepaid credits post status updates to Facebook and Twitter as well as comments on other status messages. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, All these were done in the unified interface of the company’s Social Stream. A balance check after the demo showed it was still P7, get CIALIS.

The Netphone also has a simplified visual interface to the various text, CIALIS pics, call and mobile Web packages of Smart. The facility also allows subscribers to quickly check the postpaid bill or prepaid balance.

Global Directory

But what really makes the phone stand out is its Global Directory, where to buy CIALIS, which simplifies the finding of people. It’s the modern and social networking take on Yellow Pages (you do still remember those, don’t you?), BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. CIALIS samples, You can search for anyone on the Global Directory and request to be connected. If the person accepts your request, your contact information will be shared, CIALIS from canada.

Mitch Padua, Get CIALIS, Smart development, community and application head, said you have to register with SmartNet in order to be searched in the Global Directory, CIALIS price, coupon. You also need to approve the request in order for contact details to be shared. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, To entice users, the Netphone comes with a really tempting offer – free access to Facebook and Twitter via Social Stream and a suite of messaging services under Netphone Messenger, which lets you chat with your Netphone, SmartNet, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook contacts. CIALIS description, The messenger also offers some cool IM emoticons and animations.

The Netphone 701, which was launched over the weekend, CIALIS pictures, costs P9, CIALIS without prescription, 990 as a prepaid kit but comes free under postpaid plan P800.

First of many devices

Bacareza said the Netphone 701 is just the first of many devices. Padua said that what Smart built on top of Android will soon be available to other Android phones and even phones with other mobile operating systems, purchase CIALIS online. He said it could even be offered by other telcos but without Smart’s free offerings, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION.

“Because of what Smart did 10 years ago, CIALIS images, 80 million Filipinos now have mobile phones,” Bacareza said. “With this (Netphone), purchase CIALIS for sale, Smart is ushering a new mobile revolution. Generic CIALIS, The needs of people are changing.”

He said 30 million Filipinos are already online but only 5 million are connecting via their phones. “We think all 90 million Filipinos should have Internet,” he said. But it’s not just a matter of selling phones, he cautions, the “network also matters.” Smart has a robust network and the company is investing to make sure it meets consumer demand, he said.

The offering, Bacareza said, shows how Smart is transforming itself from a traditional telecommunications company into a Web telco company.



PETCAM FOR SALE, GOOD Web writing is non-linear. It takes advantage of the key technology behind the Internet—the hyperlink—to provide context, kjøpe PETCAM på nett, köpa PETCAM online, PETCAM class, additional information and even marginalia.

It is “writing for selfish readers, online PETCAM without a prescription, What is PETCAM, ” as usability expert Jakob Nielsen puts it.

Web readers have so many sites and services competing for their attention they barely have time to read your article, PETCAM no prescription. Taking PETCAM, [caption id="attachment_817" align="alignright" width="250" caption="TABLET READING. The experience of reading on the tablet is closer to print, PETCAM FOR SALE. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE."]TABLET READING, <b>order PETCAM online overnight delivery no prescription</b>.  <b>Buy PETCAM without a prescription</b>, The experience of reading on the tablet is closer to print.  PETCAM FOR SALE, [/caption]

Nielsen says that in the linear writing of print and TV, readers and viewers expect the author “to construct their experience for them.” In the non-linear character of hypertext-driven writing, users “construct their own experience by piecing together content from multiple sources.”

If another fire were to break out in Cebu, an article written in a non-linear, hypertext manner would just mention that it would be the 10th blaze in recent days, with that phrase hyperlinked to archives of previous stories of the fires. Writing the article that way presents the reader with the option of clicking the link for more background information on the fires or ignoring it if the reader already knows about the previous incidents, PETCAM treatment. PETCAM natural, Great examples of this writing are those of native Web writers like bloggers. Their writings are succinct but peppered with hyperlinks, PETCAM pharmacy, PETCAM for sale, for those who want to delve deeper into the topic.

Reading on smartphones, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Purchase PETCAM online no prescription, tablets, e-readers

But authors may have to reconsider non-linear writing with the rapid emergence of the tablet and smartphones as reading devices, effects of PETCAM. People now read website stories on their iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and phones and even e-reading devices like the Amazon Kindle, PETCAM FOR SALE. PETCAM cost, While many still view content through mobile browsers, a growing number use news aggregation apps like Pulse and Flipboard to read their news, PETCAM from mexico. Is PETCAM addictive, Clicking on links on these devices interrupts your reading.

Whether you read on your device’s mobile browser, PETCAM photos, Where can i buy cheapest PETCAM online, app or aggregator, loading links takes you away from the current page, PETCAM steet value. PETCAM forum, At times, loading links can be so slow you end up waiting for a few minutes---eternity for a generation that expects things to load on a mouse click or thumb press, fast shipping PETCAM. PETCAM FOR SALE, Reading on a tablet is closer to the print experience. PETCAM pictures, The article needs to be able to stand on its own, without outside references, my PETCAM experience. Buy PETCAM online cod, The tablet, in fact, purchase PETCAM, PETCAM duration, has spurred some sort of resurgence in the linear narrative. A couple of sites have opened to aggregate links to excellent long-form writing for reading in tablets and e-readers, get PETCAM. Where can i cheapest PETCAM online, Examples are Byliner and Longform.

With the emergence of apps like Feedly, Pulse and Flipboard, website owners also need to rethink the issue between serving full and partial RSS feeds, PETCAM FOR SALE. Aggregators and reading apps grab their content from RSS feeds, discount PETCAM. Order PETCAM from United States pharmacy, There’s no sense subscribing to partial feeds in these apps. If you want to read a story, order PETCAM no prescription, you still have to load a separate page and the experience it offers today isn’t seamless. I subscribe only to full feeds in Pulse (the list is available in my blog). PETCAM FOR SALE, That defines my reading.

I know, the website of my employer still needs to work on its feed. (FYI: Online operations are run by a separate department.)

If website owners are concerned over the monetization of the reading session, they can just embed ads in their feeds. If they insist on people reading their stories only in their ads-ridden website, they might turn potential “content consumers” away.

If users can’t read your content the way they want to read content, they might not read articles. It’s not as if you’re the only source of these stories.

Some of my news feeds:
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PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER, When fire broke out in Barangay Tejero late Saturday afternoon, I was dragged to the scene by my wife, who wanted to cover it for her news blog and as trial for the system of Yahoo. Philippines’ foray into local news, buying PLAVIX online over the counter. Where can i buy PLAVIX online, I can no longer recall the last time I covered a fire for news. But it was definitely before mobile Internet became as ubiquitous as it is today, PLAVIX schedule. Ordering PLAVIX online, I think it was also before I had a wife who would drag me to a fire scene.

Amid the panic of people trying to save what they could as they accounted for family members and friends, we posted updates through our phones, took photos and videos, PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER.

Saturday’s experience taught me a lot about the speed by which the technological juggernaut changes the way we do things, PLAVIX used for, PLAVIX interactions, especially in reporting for a quickly-evolving online media landscape.

The basics of data gathering in journalism are contained in the mnemonic 5Ws and 1H, PLAVIX blogs. Cheap PLAVIX no rx, Get the five Ws-who, what, buy no prescription PLAVIX online, PLAVIX australia, uk, us, usa, when, where, buy PLAVIX online no prescription, Comprar en línea PLAVIX, comprar PLAVIX baratos, why-and 1H-how-of a news event, reporters are told on Day 1 of their journalism careers, real brand PLAVIX online. PLAVIX samples, So after finding ourselves at the fire scene, we asked people around, about PLAVIX, PLAVIX use, “what’s the name of this place?” Villagonzalo II, said one, PLAVIX mg. PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER, One person said another sitio’s name. Buy PLAVIX no prescription, I asked one the name of the street but by then, panic had set in, PLAVIX dangers. PLAVIX overnight, People were rushing to save whatever belongings they could drag away from the ravenous flames – computers, television sets, PLAVIX coupon, PLAVIX price, clothes etc.

When I posted an update in Google+, purchase PLAVIX online, PLAVIX from canadian pharmacy, the Internet giant’s social network, the system settled the issue for me, PLAVIX from canada, PLAVIX over the counter, I was on G. Gaisano St, PLAVIX without a prescription.

The Google+ update that actually got published, however, was erroneous because in haste, I picked the wrong map point in the options presented to me by the dropdown menu and so my post contained the wrong GPS coordinates–about 500 meters off, PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER. Order PLAVIX online c.o.d, I realized this only much later.

Close to 30 years after then US president Ronald Reagan ordered that GPS signals be made available free of charge, buy cheap PLAVIX no rx, Buy PLAVIX from mexico, the system has become pervasive. Reagan issued the order after Soviet interceptors shot down a Korean Air plane with 269 passengers that mistakenly entered Soviet airspace, canada, mexico, india. Buy cheap PLAVIX, Officials said better navigational tools might have prevented the disaster.

Google+ update with location data
PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER, My Google+ update on last Saturday's fire. The location data is wrong because I chose the wrong map point, PLAVIX long term. After PLAVIX, Today's gadgets like smartphones come with GPS capability that provides users accurate location data.

Today GPS devices are commonplace. Most modern smartphones come with GPS capability, PLAVIX alternatives. Runners use GPS watches to track mileage and speed and record runs for replaying later.

People check into places using such tools as Foursquare, Glympse for Android and even Facebook, PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER. With Facebook, you can even tag the friends you’re with. There’s no better answer to the text message, “wer u?” than a Facebook check-in complete with tagging of friends.

Photo updates to blogs and social networks contain exact locations via embedded GPS data.

Check-ins work for news, too. PLAVIX OVER THE COUNTER, These tools enrich reporting. Instead of telling people where the news event happened, you can actually show them where. You can provide spatial context to your stories with what had previously been military-grade positional capabilities.

And the utility isn’t just for reporting, it also covers news gathering. So-called augmented reality apps help you make sense of new surroundings – a helpful feature for reporters out on the field.