Announcing nautica-magazine WordPress theme for webzines

To those who were waiting for this theme, I apologize for the delay in the release. I had to wade through various folders to get the latest version of the code because I was working on two sites using this theme at the same time.

I have since been using Subversion via a free project management account with Unfuddle (check my previous post) to make sure that the files are organized. If anyone is interested in helping improve this theme, leave me note so that I’ll host the files in Google Code and we can work on it together.

Nautica-magazine is a WordPress theme based on the nautica05 open source template. It doesn’t work out-of-the-box because you need to edit the index page to make it work with your site’s sections or categories. Read the included readme.txt before activating the theme.

Back to three columns again

A few hours ago, I switched back to the previous theme of this site. I really love three-column themes, particularly’s tri-Sexuality WordPress theme. I used a two-column theme based on K2 after I botched the theme (in Explorer-everything renders properly in Firefox) while trying to personalize it a month or two back. I’ll take […]

Minus a column: WordPress themes notes

I’ve had it (I think) with three-column WordPress themes. I do not have the skills nor the time to try to make it render properly in Internet Explorer. I never use the Microsoft browser and it’s only when somebody e-mails me to ask why my layout “looks weird” that I use Explorer to check and find that the second column has been pushed below the main content area.

I really love the Tri-Sexuality Standard WordPress theme but I always seem to break it with endless editing of files to try one thing after another (this blog isn’t called Cybercafe Experiments for nothing.) Manuel Quezon III and RG Cruz both use the theme but they have Abe Olandres to edit it for them.

Sporting a new theme; meeting Manolo

The Tri-Sexuality WordPress theme by Scott Jarkoff, co-founder of deviantArt, has to be the best three-column wordpress theme out there. When I spotted it, Jarkoff was still packaging a release and I had to check his site daily until the theme was offered for download.

I’m still customizing the theme and transferring elements from the previous themes I’ve used.

Press Freedom Week is finally over. I missed a lot of activities during the celebration because of my work schedule – I work from 5:00 in the afternoon until the pages are put to bed. I wasn’t able to attend any of the seminars or conferences for editors and reporters.

3-column theme fixed

After I changed themes early today, I’ve been checking blogs and websites in an effort to find a fix for my new design’s bug – its inability to be displayed properly in Internet Explorer. Until this afternoon – Explorer displayed only one column of the two-column sidebar. The third column was displayed under the second […]

Darn Explorer, again

I changed themes early today – from the three-column version of Relaxation to the three-column TNO theme based on Kubrick. The theme is easy on the eyes. The only hitch is that the theme does not load properly in Internet Explorer. The sidebars are not properly rendered. I’ll stick with the theme for a week […]