Now this is the perfect job

I was scanning the classified ads section of Sun.Star Cebu last night when I found this advertisement (see photo below) offering to pay people to play World of Warcraft. The company is looking for ‘professional gamers.’ This would be a great job, just a step or two below being a professional blogger. I wonder if they’re looking for players of Fifa 2005 (I haven’t tried Fifa 2006 yet)?


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  1. […] There’s an active discussion over on the advertisement by a Cebu company seeking players of World of Warcraft. Here’s a link to my earlier post containing a copy of the ad. Migs Paraz earlier asked in PinoyTechBlog: “Is it all that good, or is it a “Third world MMOG sweatshop?” Read for yourself but I’m really interested in pursuing this story. I hope to do legwork for the story after I finish my final paper for an online course I’m taking. […]

  2. to thos people who are against on this business… mind your own business…..if you dont like it bear with it….im a chinese american who lived philippines for 18years….now i moved on….and desired on this business….im proud to say im a filipino and one of them out there seeking for business….for money and gold….

    if you have time please visit our website…..we can guarantee you we have professional price because we have professional services as well……..our website is the first MMORPG website QUICK & EASY TO NAVIGATE——PROFESSIONAL SERVICE…

    come visit us!!!

  3. ei im from cebu i am willing to join that company… i want to earn money… i can play WOW 10-12 hours… if u want players just send me in my email im 8 years player of Online games so i think i can do this easy.. just email me if u looking for player [email protected]

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