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  1. Hi Max,
    I’m envious. I’m still trying to figure out how to get Gmail for Mobile Application working on the Motorola Razr and the help screens on Google don’t really help.

  2. hey,
    am from India and use a “Hutch” (Orange) connection. Whenever i try connecting to gmail im unable to do it –

    and gmail.com/app

    It says “communication failure. secure communication failed.”

    any idea that im having a wrong setting or if the Service Providers mistake.

    and im not able to browse any webpage directly by entering the address i have to go to google , search the webpage and then go to the webpage.

    please help me out !!

  3. Hello Max,

    I have not tried the gmail application with my phone. I just bought a new phone, a Nokia 6233 which almost has the same features with the Sony Ericsson K750i.

    At least you also have a advantage of using Smart’s mobile internet access which is cheaper than that of Globe. Globe charges kilobytes per seconds which is expensive.

    Hope globe can bring down it’s mobile internet charge.

    By the way Max, have you tried to look at http://www.flurry.com? I accidentally stubbled to it here on the internet when someone told me from the zedge.net blog to look into http://www.getjar.com for applications on my mobile. (Please do also try to look at http://www.getjar.com)

    I will stop here for now. More power to you!!!

    Sherwin Ong

  4. I also had problems on my phone SonyEricsson V800 but I solved it in the end. I can tell you that the app is great and very fast, it has that old Google look. Everything is great but if you have other accounts like Hotmail, or Yahoo mail you will have to install another mail app. I use Movamail http://movamail.com/ for all of my mail accounts including Gmail.

  5. Thanks for the advice! I’ve got it working now on my SE W810i, on the Dutch T-mobile network.

    Instead of “Smart internet” (which wasn’t among the options) I’ve selected “T-mobile internet”

  6. Sander,
    That’s great to hear. “Smart internet” is only available if you are a subscriber of the Smart network in the Philippines. What you essentially do is just pick the Internet connection setting for your mobile phone network.

  7. i have a e mail account and i already configure the setting on my phone on smart communication. and ive tried to send on my phone…
    the phone response envalid passwod or mailbox pass word…
    can you help me? thanks

  8. 1. go to settings for java
    2. make all java apps use the internet profile u created(the one u use to browse)

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