A student project that uses telecommunications technology to speed up the detection of dengue cases won the grand prize in last Wednesday’s 7th Smart Wireless Engineering and Education Program ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, (Sweep) Innovation and Excellence Awards in the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia. Fast shipping ANTABUSE, The student team from Bulacan State University (BSU) automated and sped up the detection of dengue through blood platelet counting using a portable capturing device that connected via mobile Internet to a digital analyzer machine.

[caption id="attachment_703" align="alignright" width="250" caption="HIDDEN SENSORS, order ANTABUSE no prescription. Buy ANTABUSE online cod, PLDT president Napoleon Nazareno checks the sensors that detect chainsaw sounds and trigger an alert to forestry officials in the booth of University of San Carlos. Click on image to enlarge, ANTABUSE street price. (SMART PUBLIC AFFAIRS PHOTO)"]Napoleon Nazareno and members of the Smart Sweep USC team[/caption]

The project, 3D: Dengue Detecting Device, won P500,000 in cash through Smart Money for the student team led by Donn Angelo Teodoro and another P500,000 in grants for the school, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Purchase ANTABUSE online, Holy Cross of Davao College, meanwhile, ANTABUSE forum, ANTABUSE dangers, got 2nd place for its system that automatically alerts maritime authorities in cases of overloading of vessels. The system uses sensors to detect overloading of ships and then automatically warns authorities through text messages, ANTABUSE coupon. ANTABUSE results, The student team led by Bobby Jay Carmelotes won P300,000 in cash through Smart Money and another P300, what is ANTABUSE, Canada, mexico, india, 000 in grants for their school.

Third place went to Batangas State University for its drip irrigation system that used GSM technology and various sensors, order ANTABUSE online c.o.d. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, The Smart Farmbihira system is capable of automatically watering and fertilizing a plantation at a set time or manually through a text message. ANTABUSE images, The system also notifies the farmer on the condition of the soil and the harvest time of the crop. With the win, where to buy ANTABUSE, ANTABUSE duration, the student team led by Josephine Medina got P150,000 in cash through Smart Money while the school won P150, ANTABUSE natural, ANTABUSE maximum dosage, 000 in grants.

Smart also handed out a special innovation award to a University of Baguio project that used the force of vehicles passing through a street to generate electricity to light up street lamps, no prescription ANTABUSE online. ANTABUSE overnight, A Smart official said they decided to hand out the special award because the project was “so far out and ahead of its time.”

The three winning projects bested seven other entries from Smart’s partner schools all over the country.

Cebu was represented by a team from the University of San Carlos (USC), which submitted a system that used sensors and telecommunications technology to warn forestry officials in cases of illegal logging, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER.

The Preventive Illegal Logging Monitoring Endeavor (Prime) used monitors to detect chainsaw sounds and SMS and GSM technology to send out alerts, herbal ANTABUSE. Order ANTABUSE online overnight delivery no prescription, Whenever an alert is triggered, the system initiates a phone call to a designated recipient so that the person can listen and confirm whether the sound is really that of a chainsaw, purchase ANTABUSE online no prescription. ANTABUSE recreational, Prime was set up by a student team led by Vince Elizaga, who thought of the system after learning of the illegal logging in the Binahaan Watershed in Albuera, ANTABUSE without prescription, Buy ANTABUSE no prescription, Leyte. He said the Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (Cenro) of the watershed has expressed interest in deploying the system, online ANTABUSE without a prescription. ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER, Each Prime node can cover 1.5 hectares. Kjøpe ANTABUSE på nett, köpa ANTABUSE online, In last week’s awarding, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co, ANTABUSE pictures. ANTABUSE dosage, president and chief executive officer Napoleon Nazareno said next year’s Sweep Innovation and Excellence Award will be different because of a change in focus toward mobile applications.

Meanwhile, ANTABUSE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, My ANTABUSE experience, Science and Technology Education Center (Stec) – High School in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City went home with four major awards in the Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) Learning Challenge, order ANTABUSE from mexican pharmacy, Where can i find ANTABUSE online, which was held simultaneously with Sweep. DPSA is part of Smart Communications’ corporate social responsibility project that aims to encourage teachers and students to use the Internet to generate information and educational materials on their respective communities, real brand ANTABUSE online.

Stec High School’s Lato: Golden Mines, which studied seaweeds in Mactan Island, won the Best in Booth Exhibit, the texters’ choice for booth exhibit and the DPSA award for science, technology and health, ANTABUSE OVER THE COUNTER. Buy ANTABUSE without prescription, Another Stec High School entry, Kasugiran: A Reagent to Culture, won the award for History and Society. Kasugiran looked into the myths and legends in Lapu-Lapu City.

Stec High School principal Ricardo Cayacap Jr. described the win as “very satisfying” for the team and the school. Cayacap said they were very thankful for projects like the DPSA because these teach students to work hard and exercise their leadership skills. He said student projects and efforts that were “unrecognized before” are now given importance through projects like the DPSA.



KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, I attended the Cebu launch last May 24 of ümobile, the first advertising-funded mobile phone network in the country, and boy was it the loudest telecoms-related launch I've ever covered. It was the sexiest, too, where to buy KAMAGRA JELLY.

The launching was held in Club Vudu and by the time it ended, KAMAGRA JELLY street price, I knew more about what "Vudulicious" was than the details of ümobile that I had wanted to find out during the launch.

umobile change of numbersCHANGING YOUR MOBILE NUMBER, KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE. Ümobile allows its subscribers to change their mobile numbers by themselves in the company's website. No prescription KAMAGRA JELLY online, The first change of numbers is free, succeeding ones will be charged P50. Click on photo to view larger image.

The time indicated in the invitation---9 p.m.---and the venue told me it was going to be a launch party, KAMAGRA JELLY duration, with emphasis on the "party." I was there at 9 p.m. KAMAGRA JELLY description, and found Club Vudu still deserted but for ümobile staff doing last minute preparations. KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, I asked one of them whether they would be holding a press briefing and was told none was scheduled. She did say one ümobile official would look for me later and answer my questions.

Fast forward one hour and a half, discount KAMAGRA JELLY.
umobile launch
UMOBILE PARTY, KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE. Vudulicious in Club Vudu. The umobile launch was the loudest telecoms-related launch I've ever attended, KAMAGRA JELLY coupon. Click on photo to view an even larger image.

Club Vudu was filled to the last square foot. KAMAGRA JELLY from mexico, Cigarette smoke fogged the bar and all around me people were drinking---the waiters barely able to meet the orders of free beer, vodka, tequila, KAMAGRA JELLY use, scotch...and iced tea for me. KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, I have always been curious about this "Vudulicious" marketing pitch. KAMAGRA JELLY dose, I looked around at the people partying happily and asked myself, who's "Vudulicious?" There was this sexy former newsroom intern (she had to remind me when we were introduced that she had once been assigned to my section) who danced in a sinuous manner and all over the dance floor, several guys ogled her, my KAMAGRA JELLY experience. If you're reading this, Online KAMAGRA JELLY without a prescription, do e-mail me the photo you took of both of us.

And then there was this stunner undulating on the corner, her body saying: "come, get KAMAGRA JELLY, dance with me." Is this Vudulicious. KAMAGRA JELLY for sale, If it is, then I ♥ Vudulicious.

And just as I was about to finish my fifth glass of iced tea, I spotted the ümobile staff member who promised to answer a couple of questions on their product, KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE.

This was how the interview went:

SHE GOT THE FIRE IN HER EYES!!, buy KAMAGRA JELLY without a prescription.
me: How's the quality of Fring calls in your network???!!!. KAMAGRA JELLY without a prescription, Ümobile guy: What??. !!. KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, FIRE ON HER WAIST!!!.
me: How's the quality of Fring VOIP calls in your network????!!!!, order KAMAGRA JELLY online c.o.d.
Ümobile guy: Yes, KAMAGRA JELLY dosage, we have a partnership with Fring for VOIP calls!!!!.

Club Vudu marketing director Jaja Rama passes by and tells me: You're still drinking iced tea????!!!!, about KAMAGRA JELLY.
A group at our right started screaming in celebration, KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE. Apparently one of them won a cell phone in the raffle. KAMAGRA JELLY natural, BUT I LOVE THE SCANDAAALLLL!!.
Ümobile guy: Let's just talk about your questions over e-mail!!!.

It's a good thing the ümobile website provides a lot of information, kjøpe KAMAGRA JELLY på nett, köpa KAMAGRA JELLY online. KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, I didn't have to e-mail questions for this post (a tamer version of which is printed as a column in Sun.Star Cebu).

Ümobile---treat the starting u as a smiley and not as the letter u with an umlaut---is a telecoms service provider that gives its users cellphone load credits every time they receive a mobile advertisement. Generic KAMAGRA JELLY, "That will be like earning money or credit by watching commercials on television or viewing print ads in newspapers and magazines, except that they do it through their ümobile phones," chief marketing officer Ardie Balderrama said in a press statement, KAMAGRA JELLY overnight.

It is a picky telecoms service provider, KAMAGRA JELLY samples, and for a good reason. It's targeting the niche market of 15 to 35 year-olds---a demographic slice it describes as "early adapters and movers."

The ümobile Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) isn't something you can just buy from your neighborhood sari-sari store-cum-e-load center (although you can probably buy ümobile credits there).

You have to be invited to the service and the company is limiting new subscribers to just 10,000 a month, KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE. (If you want an invitation, order KAMAGRA JELLY online overnight delivery no prescription, leave a comment below. Buy KAMAGRA JELLY online cod, For those who left invitation requests in other posts and pages in this blog, please re-enter the request below.)

Before you get into the service, you have to answer on the ümobile website a detailed questionnaire on your lifestyle, buy KAMAGRA JELLY online no prescription, from such things as the gadgets you own to whether you regularly go to the gym or the brand of cigarettes that you smoke. KAMAGRA JELLY recreational, Your answers to the question will guide the company on which ads to send you.

Ümobile uses what is the coolest cellphone prefix in the country---0999. KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, But what sets it apart is that its users can change their phone numbers by themselves, by going to the website at

The first time you change you number is free, KAMAGRA JELLY long term. You'll be charged P50 for each succeeding change in phone numbers. KAMAGRA JELLY steet value, I tried changing mine to all 9s and, as expected, found it to have been taken already, online buying KAMAGRA JELLY hcl. All 7s is also gone. By the time I was ready to try other combinations, the website took down the number-changing facility with a notice that they are still updating it and that it will be back up soon, KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE. Cheap KAMAGRA JELLY, Ümobile rides on the extensive nationwide network of Smart so you are assured of getting a signal---not only for messaging and calling but also for mobile Internet--- throughout the country.

I've tested the mobile Internet connection on the LG phone that I won in the event (one of the more than a hundred units they raffled off during the launch) and found it relatively fast and dependable. And like Smart, KAMAGRA JELLY from canadian pharmacy, ümobile charges just P10 for every 30-minute mobile Internet connection block.
The company also has a partnership with Fring, a great piece of software that allows users to do instant messaging, post Twitter updates, and call via VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) on their phone. KAMAGRA JELLY FOR SALE, Fring is really a good software, one that I use almost everyday for IM and Twitter. I tried VOIP calling, via a wi-fi connection, to my sole Fring contact and found the quality of call good. I was able to use Fring with Smart mobile Internet but not the latest version for the Sony Ericsson P1i. The previous version worked flawlessly with the Smart network, somehow the current version in my phone only runs on wi-fi connections.

Ümobile is still building up its array of services, which would include a "virtual phone" in August, and I still haven't received a mobile ad. I also haven't tried loading credits to my account albeit the website said you can buy credits online.

More photos of the party (click on thumbnails to enlarge):
Umobile launch umobile launch umobile launch umobile launch.

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TRAMADOL FOR SALE, I finally got my Asus Eee PC last Wednesday. It has, TRAMADOL for sale, since then, replaced my main writing gear: an MSI S260 laptop running on Ubuntu Linux.

Several reporters and editors in Sun.Star Cebu had wanted to purchase an Eee PC since the start of the year but we couldn't get a supplier with enough stocks to provide the initial 10 purchases, buy cheap TRAMADOL. Cebu shops, No prescription TRAMADOL online, I was told repeatedly, had waiting lists for purchases.

Asus Eee PC, Moleskine, <b>what is TRAMADOL</b>, Sony Ericsson P1i TRULY MOBILE OFFICE. Generic TRAMADOL, Trying to beat a column deadline using the Asus Eee PC in a beachsite resort in Argao. These are my mobile work tools: the Asus Eee PC, a Moleskine reporter's notebook, buy TRAMADOL no prescription, and a Sony Ericsson P1i. Order TRAMADOL online c.o.d, Click on photo to enlarge.

The two boxes of Asus Eee PC arrived at the office last Wednesday. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, We got the 4G model. I chose the pearl white version but at the back of my mind, I was still thinking of the Lush Green version of the 2G model, TRAMADOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

For such a small device, Herbal TRAMADOL, the Asus Eee PC packs a formidable arsenal: Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, 3 USB ports, a built-in webcam (4G and 8G models), canada, mexico, india, a VGA port for external displays, Buy TRAMADOL online cod, built-in stereo speakers and a microphone, and a built-in MMC/SD card reader. Any more feature and it could probably write a story for you, TRAMADOL from canadian pharmacy. But it's best feature, TRAMADOL australia, uk, us, usa, I think, is that it runs on Linux.

I talked to two Scandinavian open source guys recently and I asked one of them, a Linux and Asterisk geek, whether he thinks the Asus Eee PC will help introduce Linux to mainstream computer users, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. His answer: absolutely, TRAMADOL natural.

For many in the newsroom, TRAMADOL wiki, the Eee PC is their first encounter with Linux. I have been repeatedly promoting open source, including Linux, TRAMADOL trusted pharmacy reviews, among my colleagues. Buy TRAMADOL online no prescription, Still, I was apprehensive on how they'll take to the version of Xandros that runs on the Eee PC by default.

Installing JEdit on the Asus Eee PC INSTALLING JEDIT, TRAMADOL from mexico. Installing JEdit on the Asus Eee PC for some code work. TRAMADOL class, Click on photo to enlarge.

My newsroom cubicle neighbor was a cause for particular concern (needless it turned out later) because among his questions to me when I talked about the difference between the Eee PC and a regular desktop was: what's an operating system. But a day later, he had upgraded his Skype installation to enable video chat support, online buying TRAMADOL. That's how easy the Asus Eee PC "Easy Mode" is to use, TRAMADOL FOR SALE.

The Eee PC costs less than a high-end cellphone but is worth more. About TRAMADOL, It's so small and light it feels as if it doesn't add anything to your luggage. The MSI S260 I use is small and yet, after a while, TRAMADOL interactions, I get tired of lugging it around with me all the time. Order TRAMADOL no prescription, Since it uses a solid state drive, it boots up quickly. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, This and its size make using the Eee PC to write notes for articles such a convenience.

I still haven't asked the reporters who bought the Eee PC for feedback on their use of it but I'm sure the experience will be a positive one, purchase TRAMADOL online. I've used the Eee PC to work on several articles (this blog post among them) in blocks of free time I have in the newsroom. TRAMADOL pharmacy,

Asus Eee PC units EEE PC SHIPMENT. One of the boxes of Asus Eee PC units for Sun.Star Cebu editors and reporters, TRAMADOL FOR SALE. Click on photo to enlarge.

I've used the Eee PC to continue writing, discount TRAMADOL, send and check on e-mails, TRAMADOL steet value, monitor the websites I'm running, upload photos for blog articles, and write a blog post even during a trip to the far-flung town of Argao in southern Cebu, TRAMADOL description. Every once in a while I'd turn it on to continue working on an article when my wife and the kids are busy checking out the Spanish architecture you still see in the town up to this day. TRAMADOL pics, Argao, which I'll write about later, offers free Wi-Fi access in the town plaza, TRAMADOL images. It was deployed last year by the municipal government. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, The Asus Eee PC also picks up Wi-Fi signals well, better than my MSI S260. Effects of TRAMADOL, I haven't checked but maybe it's using a better chip. A signal that's only, say, buy TRAMADOL without a prescription, 70 percent in my MSI S260 is picked up in the 80 percent plus range in the Asus Eee PC. TRAMADOL dose, The first time I used the Eee PC, I promptly checked on the popular EeeUser website, whose forum and wiki provide a lot of tips for users of the device. I also checked on J. Angelo Racoma's Asus Eee PC journal, which has a lot of great articles on the gadget, TRAMADOL FOR SALE.

Using Asus Eee PC with Argao's free Wi-Fi WRITE ANYWHERE. TRAMADOL FOR SALE, The Asus Eee PC makes it convenient to work on articles and blog posts whenever you have free time. In this photo, I'm checking the connection of the free Wi-Fi deployed by the municipal government of Argao in its town plaza. Click on photo to enlarge. (Photo by Max Dylan Limpag)

I initially thought of using the full desktop or advance mode but chose to stick to the easy mode for at least several weeks. The only application I've added is JEdit for some code work. I checked around for instructions on installing Bluefish but couldn't find any so I installed JEdit using the instructions here, TRAMADOL FOR SALE.

I also installed SublimePorte's launcher editor to edit the icons and add more launchers. I'm thinking of adding Gimp later to edit photos for blog and website articles.

My first few days with the Asus Eee PC have been awesome. It truly is a writer's notebook, or sub-notebook if you're technical about it.

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BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, Fire gutted the landmark Plaza Fair building early morning Tuesday. Reports say the fire caused P20 million in damages, CIPRO samples. What is CIPRO, The blaze broke out just as we were finalizing the day's newspaper issue. We no longer had time to include the story in the issue, CIPRO treatment. Purchase CIPRO for sale, But I admit it was tempting to copy Michael Keaton in The Paper-the whole "Stop the press!" bit. Of course you couldn't do that in Sun.Star Cebu, our printing plant is kilometers away and if you needed to "stop the press" for a late breaker, you'd either have to call or text the plant manager, BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Somehow texting "stp d prs" isn't as dramatic as barging into the plant and screaming the words, CIPRO photos. After CIPRO, The fire was visible from our office canteen, two blocks away (check photos and map below), CIPRO recreational. CIPRO street price, After the newsroom staff finished the day's issue, Marlen and I passed by Colon St, online buying CIPRO. Cheap CIPRO, to view the fire. BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, This was already at 2 a.m. and the fire was still raging, where to buy CIPRO. Online buy CIPRO without a prescription, On the sideline were owners of stalls inside the Plaza Fair building (Fairmart to Colon old-timers). My favorite McDonald's branch in downtown Cebu City was razed, CIPRO cost. CIPRO price, coupon, I took some camera phone photos and then Marlen and I went to Fuente Osmeña to take an early morning meal (our equivalent of a dinner).

Here are photos I took of the fire, click on them to view larger images, BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. I'm hosting the photos in Zooomr and they are geo-tagged, buy generic CIPRO, Discount CIPRO, meaning you can view them in a tag map and they are pinned on the satellite photo of downtown Cebu City. If you view the tag map in Zoomr, where can i cheapest CIPRO online, CIPRO no rx, click on satellite view because Google does not have street maps of Cebu.

Plaza Fair on Colon st. BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, Plaza Fair, Colon, Cebu City Plaza Fair fire P. del Rosario street in Cebu City

Here is a map to the place, CIPRO price. Kjøpe CIPRO på nett, köpa CIPRO online, Boy I would love to have this tool for the Sun.Star website. Imagine the spatial context it would give to your reports if you can pin events related to your report in an easy to use map such as this (you can move the map around by using the buttons or dragging it, BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Click on the green flags to read notes):

We arrived home at 4:00 a.m, doses CIPRO work. CIPRO class, and I no longer had time to package the files of Brighthouse-WP, the Typo theme I converted to WordPress, CIPRO from mexico, Where can i find CIPRO online, for downloading. It was a good thing though as it gave me a chance to check it again to fix XHTML validation errors, buying CIPRO online over the counter. Low dose CIPRO, I still have a couple of errors to fix and as soon as I fix it, I'll package the files for downloading, CIPRO canada, mexico, india.

Brighthouse is a theme for the Typo blogging platform BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, . Order CIPRO from United States pharmacy, I spotted it when checking out features of SlimTimer. I really like the theme, CIPRO pharmacy, it reminds me of the design of the Signal vs. Noise blog. I converted it for WordPress over the weekend, using the bits of code I collected in this blog post.

I still have some issues to solve with Explorer-why some sidebar elements don't appear in that browser. All these issues were caused by my conversion and not by the original Typo files. I'll work on it today and maybe I'll offer it for download tomorrow, if not the next day.


Busted: Newspaper photo reveals married man’s affair

It was a picture of domestic bliss-a couple taking their child to a picnic in a public park in Cebu. The pair was laughing and appeared to enjoy an afternoon away from the demands of work and pressure of urban life. The problem was the man wasn't having a picnic with his legal family, he was spending time with his mistress. When his wife saw the photo in Sun.Star she had a heart attack (she's okay or so the man says). The man called up the photographer to ask why he printed it when it was "obvious" that the woman was too young to be his wife. He also said he and his mistress had been able to hide the affair from the wife for so long "pwerte namong tago ani" (we really tried to keep this a secret). While laughing about the man's predicament in the office canteen, a colleague from our Bisaya tabloid Superbalita told us of another incident involving the publication of a feature photograph. He said one of their photographers took a shot of people fishing in the port area. They printed the photo in Superbalita with a caption discussing how the rising prices of goods forced people to take to fishing at the pier area to make a living or catch fish for the dinner table (tungod sa kalisod, namasol na lang) The problem was one of the fishers (identifiable in the photograph) was a hobbyist and was in no way poor. He goes to the pier every morning, parks his car and then spends time fishing. He went to the Superbalita office to complain. He said the printing of the photograph was okay with him but his friends and colleagues wouldn't stop teasing him (imagine holding meetings with them in a seafood restaurant). Superbalita had to put out an erratum.

Bumps on the information superhighway

The Cebu Yearbook 2006 is out. Here's part of the unedited article I submitted for publication:
One municipal government's website in Visayas is being maintained by its meat inspector. Frederick Amores, Visayas group head of the National Computer Center (NCC) Field Operations Office, could barely contain his laughter as he said this in an interview. The NCC was conducting a seminar for IT workers of local government units (LGUs) and Amores was checking the background of the participants when he saw the meat inspector's bio-data.
The meat inspector's post was the only vacant position the town could offer to the person most qualified to manage their information technology (IT) needs. The town, the name of which Amores could no longer recall, still did not have an IT position in its plantilla. "He's really good. It was a good thing that the guy also qualified for the meat inspector's post because he had an animal husbandry degree, I mean many people in the industry did not really graduate from IT courses. His assistant does the meat inspection while he takes care of the IT tasks," Amores said. This lack of IT workers hampers the improvement of many local government websites. In a typical Philippine town, Amores said, the IT person in charge "serves as web master, computer repairman, database administrator and encoder."

The art, and science, of power naps

I've long wanted to try taking programmed naps or power naps. Studies have indicated that there are health benefits to taking regular naps. The National Institutes of Health in the United States said "evidence is mounting that sleep - even a nap - appears to enhance information processing and learning." I don't get a lot of sleep because of my work hours. Daytime sleep isn't as satisfying and refreshing as normal overnight sleep. The noise during the day makes its way into your dreams. I once dreamt of being chased by people out to kill me and woke up to shouts of "Patya na!" (Kill him!). It was my neighbor's teenage son shouting at the top of his voice to egg on Manny Pacquiao in his fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. The remaining days of my vacation might be a good chance to try taking regular 20-minute naps. Men's Journal lists different types of naps and their benefits:
NANO-NAP: 10 to 20 seconds Sleep studies haven't yet concluded whether there are benefits to these brief intervals, like when you nod off on someone's shoulder on the train. MICRO-NAP: two to five minutes Shown to be surprisingly effective at shedding sleepiness. MINI-NAP: five to 20 minutes Increases alertness, stamina, motor learning, and motor performance. POWER NAP: 20 minutes Includes the benefits of the micro and the mini, but additionally improves muscle memory and clears the brain of useless built-up information, which helps with long-term memory (remembering facts, events, and names). LAZY MAN'S NAP: 50 to 90 minutes Includes slow-wave plus REM sleep; good for improving perceptual processing; also when the system is flooded with human growth hormone, great for repairing bones and muscles.

Smart takes down Addict Mobile portal; lesson to PR officers: monitor blogs

I discussed in my Cell.Talk column yesterday in Sun.Star Cebu the issue of pornographic images in Addict Mobile's portal. I was surprised why the images were still up even days after PinoyTechBlog reported on it. It shows that the company does not monitor blogs. I'm reprinting my column below. Yesterday, the central newsroom received an e-mail from an official of the company thanking me for raising the issue and informing me that the site has been taken down temporarily. I checked and it is indeed down. I think PR officers should start monitoring blogs. An unsolicited advice to PR officers of telcos and tech companies: check technology blogs like PinoyTechBlog or go to an aggregator service like Pinoy Tech Scene, which gathers news feeds from many tech blogs. Here's my column yesterday: Porn in Addict Mobile's blog portal EXPECTED. Whenever you create a service where anyone can send in photos, expect to receive pornographic images. Most photo sharing services have people who filter these images or a built in system where users can tag a photo as "may offend." There's no such system apparently in Addict Mobile's blog portal, reported recently. The publicly-accessible Addict Mobile blog contains photos of naked people showing off their private parts side by side with images of babies taken by proud parents who would be horrified at the juxtaposition. What's puzzling about the situation is that the pages contain a warning that users "understand and agree that Smart may review and delete any content, messages, photos or profiles that in the sole judgment of Smart might be offensive, illegal...Restricted content includes, but is not limited to, pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind...Smart may delete content it deems offensive, including pornographic or sexually explicit material." You would presume that, with the warning, Smart or Addict Mobile would actually review the photos posted in their system. Not only is the blog portal publicly accessible, the Smart corporate website contains in its front page a link to it. Some of the photos appeared to have been taken by a boyfriend in one of those private moments with a girl. There is a big chance that the naked photo was posted publicly without her permission, unless of course she's an exhibitionists and gets her kicks from having the world see her naked body. I am not against publication of naked photos. What I'm against is its publication in a publicly accessible website. Naked photos should be restricted by username and password combinations taken from registration data that would prove the user is of legal age. TAGGING. Smart can either get an employee to review postings in the blog portal and delete the pornographic photos or put up a tagging system. Many photo sharing sites contain a button to tag photos as pornographic or offensive. This, I believe, is more effective than having someone go over all the images. (Max Limpag maintains a blog at He can be contacted there.)

Manolo Quezon: Blogging is the salvation of print media

Manuel L. Quezon III is among the country's top political bloggers. He describes himself as a "prototypical pajama blogger" working and blogging from home. During the House of Representatives' vote on the committee reports dismissing the impeachment complaints against Arroyo, Manolo covered the proceedings from late afternoon until 4:00 a.m. when he collapsed in exhaustion. Below are transcripts of my email interview with Manolo for the "See it, hear it, blog it" article for Sun.Star Cebu during the Cebu Press Freedom Week. Max: Professor Jay Rosen of the New York University said early this year that the question of bloggers vs. journalists is over. He says the "question now isn't whether blogs can be journalism. They can be, sometimes. It isn't whether bloggers "are" journalists. They apparently are, sometimes." Do you agree with his statement? Do you see yourself as journalists in the mold of reporters producing original news content or more of opinion writers who comment on news items? Manolo: In my particular case, I have always been an opinion writer (either as a columnist or editorial writer), or have delved into history. Whether history (examples would be my pieces on Edsa One or say, the American period) or reportage (reportage, to me, is a kind of literary form of the essay, I've been influenced in this view by Ryzsard Kapuzsinsky, by Tom Wolfe, Nick Joaquin, etc.), or opinion-writing, which includes both analysis and commentary (analysis is putting together events and circumstances to come up with an educated guess of future trends, or a prognosis on ongoing events; commentary is a synthesis of personal views and that of other people on a specific person or event). Therefore, to me, blogging is merely a new, more direct, and more spontaneous venue for publishing the things I tend to publish anyway. The difference is that there is no editorial control in blogging except one's own definitions of what is suitable content. To Rosen's observations, I'd say, a journalist is a journalist is a journalist - so a journalist who blogs is merely embarking on a new medium; for those who weren't trained in journalism, can a blogger be a journalist? Certainly - if the bogger consciously embarks on journalism, as the blogger defines it (if the blogger;s definition of journalism matches or merges with conventional definitions, so much the better). Max: Editor Scott Rosenberg of Salon says: "journalists need to move away from the notion that journalism is a mysterious craft practiced by only a select priesthooda black art inaccessible to the masses. We forget the derivation of the word journalist: someone who keeps an account of day-to-day events." Do you agree with him? Do you think blogging has shattered that perception of a select priesthood that defines what is newsworthy? Manolo: Scott Rosenberg describes the aspirations of many bloggers; but what I've noticed is that blogging has actually elevated once more, written journalism above all other kinds, at a time when TV journalism was set to conquer all. What has happened is that professional journalists no longer have a monopoly on delivering the news and interpreting it; bloggers have amplified and widened the field for debate and interpretation. In some cases, they have overturned and subverted traditional media; but they remain firmly dependent upon traditional media for the basis of their discussions, either pro or against. What they have done is actually contributed to a dialogue between professionals and amateurs, and all media practitioners and their audiences. This is a democratizing experience unmatched perhaps since the invention of the modern newspaper and the modern TV and radio network. Max: In a blogging conference early this year at Harvard University, participants agreed that "The acts of "blogging" and "journalism" are different, although they do intersect. While some blogging is journalism, much of it isn't and doesn't aim to be. Both serve different and valuable functions within the new evolving media ecosystem." Do you agree with this? Do you see this happening in the Philippines or will blogging still be in the fringes of that media ecosystem because of the low Internet penetration in the country? Manolo: I agree that blogging may be journalism but not all blogging is journalism. In the Philippines, print media retains its authority as the definer, or arbiter, of what is news-worthy and deserving of comment. Radio and TV take off from the print media and widen the discussion. In truth, with circulations of 100,000 or so for the best-circulated newspapers, print media is miniscule in comparison to radio and TV. Even with a pass-on rate, a 100,000 circulation paper means half a million readers while radio and TV shows count their audiences in the millions. And yet radio and TV lack what print has, which is the ability to endure and serve as a record, as well as a venue for interpretation and reflection. Blogs can at the very least already equal print media in terms of statistics (PCIJ's unique hits have been impressive) and their ability to influence both media people, the professional political class, and then the public, may be indirect but will be felt. For example, my own blog is apparently read by media people, by the chiefs of staff and staffers of government officials, by diplomats, and then by students, teachers, and so on -this means an effect that is hard to quantify but which is there. Max: Tom Curley of the Associated Press says there is a huge shift of balance of power in our world, "from the content providers to the content consumers." He says "professional journalism is no longer sovereign over territory it once easily controlled" and that its influence in the public discourse is no longer singular. He says: "When 90 percent of the op-ed style writing was done on actual op-ed pages, editorial page editors had sovereignty over that region of public dialogue. With blogging and the online space generally, that rule is gone. Opinion in reaction to the news can come from anywhere, and the bloggers are frequently better at it than the sleepy op-ed page ever was." Do you agree with him? Manolo: Tom Curley is correct, in that institution distrust is so profound, that the more hard-hitting personal and personalistic style of the blog appeals to readers, rather than the careful, safe, and homogenized style of many editorials in many papers. Again, the biggesty impact of blogs, I think, has been to make an immediate link between a writer and his audience. Max: While mainstream media can find good use for blogs to re-engage themselves in the community conversation, they should use it in a way to draw in more outside voices. Bob Cauthorn says mainstream media misunderstand blogs because they "simply further expose the staff members who are already well exposed to the public." He says these efforts "scarcely register in the big picture because media company blogs adhere to the old top-down, we-talk-you-listen-punk publishing model." Do you agree with this? Manolo: In terms of newspapers, I actually see no room for blogging. The role of a newspaper is to have an online version of itself, since the traditional paper newspaper will be gone within our lifetime. But as for editors, writers, columnists, etc. Blogging should be left to them, and outside the institutional domain of the newspaper if they represent or work for one. This shields both the paper and the writer. However, if an institution that is not a newspaper, wants to undertake a blog, there I think the time and opportunity are perfect, as demonstrated by the PCIJ blog. They aren't a newspaper; they're an investigative outfit with clearly defined goals and a desire to uphold the public's interest. Newspapers as commercial entitites have legal considerations that to my mind, deter proper blogging. Max: Mark Glaser, in a 2003 Article in Nieman Reports, says that "because of Weblogs, journalists are being brought down from their ivory towers." He says that blogs provide an even bigger voice for non-journalist readers. He did say, however, that "the attention of bloggers can't help but make journalists do a better job in their reporting." Do you agree with him. Has this happened in the country? If not, do you see this happening soon? Did the "community conversation" in Philippine blogs on the Gloriagate scandal affect mainstream media's coverage of the issue? Manolo: Blogs in the Philippine setting flourished under Gloriagate because of two things: timeliness, and a certain amount of legal impregnability. Blogs can both report and analyze, comment and expose, faster than even online mainstream media (because of not going through an extended editorial process); they can deliver news faster than TV and infinitely faster than the papers. The only thing as fast as a blog is the radio, and the radio sometimes beats the blogs. Also, analysis and synthesis aren't contrained by the expenses of paper and ink, or air time. The American experience with blogging is different from ours. In the Philippines, what exists is a gigantic gulf in terms of exposure between the old generation of journalists and writers, and two generations below them. Written media, in particular, suffers from an oversupply of geriatrics on top, and no successor generation even to occupy the bottom. Fifty years or so separates me, at 35, from Max Soliven or Armando Doronila. I am one of the very few opinion writers of my age with any exposure. Everyone else seems to be around 50 at their youngest, so certainly, if and when they all pass from the scene, very few will take their place. Blogging will hopefully help fill this pressing need. Max: Clay Shirky, a professor at New York University, sees the difference between traditional media and Weblog communities this way: "The order of things in broadcast is 'filter, then publish.' The order in communities is 'publish, then filter.' The filtering is done through a Darwinian system of good blogs flourishing because readers keep returning to it. Do you agree with this statement? Manolo: Clay Shirkey is absolutely correct; the reader is the final judge, and the success or failure of a blog is a referendum on the integrity and ability of a blogger. Max: Where do you think Philippine blogs are heading? Do you see it becoming a major part of the reading diet of Filipinos or do you think that the low Internet penetration rate will hinder it from becoming that? Do you see Pinoy blogs becoming as influential to society as their counterparts in the US are? Manolo: I am skeptical about just how low the internet penetration rate is, particularly in comparison to what? TV? Radio? Maybe. But as for print, and blogging is primarily the latest form of print media, it is the salvation of print media. It's reach and impact can only increase. Max: Your blog post on the House vote on the committee report started at 4:00 in the afternoon and the last entry was at past 4:00 in the morning, when the post was abruptly cut off after you passed out. How long were you up? Where were you blogging from? People were commenting on your posts while you were updating it - did it affect the tone of your posts? How many cups of coffee did you drink? How were you able to sustain the effort? Manolo: I am in many ways the prototypical pajama blogger, blogging from home, with the TV turned on, the AM radio discreetly playing on my desktop, cellphone with reach for SMS alerts, and obsessively checking email every 15 minutes. I generally blog and work from home; during particularly active blogging times, I eat in front of the computer. On that particular day, I had other work to do, and my morning was spent, if I recall correctly, cramming work knowing the afternoon would have to be free. I general blog events I consider historic both for readers who appreciate it (they can't listen to the radio or watch TV at work, or they are overseas), as history-in-the-making and eventually, for whatever purposes it might serve for my writing. I was up, then from about 6 a.m. Of Sep. 5 to 4 a.m. Of Sep. 6. When doing coverage, I generally pass up replying to comments unless there's a lull. The worst thing one can do is pander to commentators in terms of content; you can clarify or counter, explain or comment on a comment, but unless a very good reason is given, I don't change ongoing coverage based on comments. In fact in times of exhausting coverage, I tend to deliberately set aside comments for reading and reflection during a less tense time. Max: Tech columnist Dan Gilmor once said that that the feedback loop in blogging helps improves his columns, he even said that the readers, as a collective, know more than he does. Do you share this sentiment? Manolo: Dan Gilmor is right. Every columnist assumes a target audience, and I'd suggest, a sort of idealized individual for whom they write their columns. To see people respond is to see how close or far one is from that idealized or imagined audience. I also think columnists and opinion writers get a malicious satisfaction from annoying or angering the sectors and people they have set about to combat, anyway, and one can see whether that group gets riled up or not. Then in fragile ego moments, the care and concern, the genuine empathy shown by commenters, becomes important to the columnist. Feedback loop though, is a good term. An interaction, in real time, with one's audience has been virtually impossible before; it exists now; it helps create a community of like-minded people or even people who disagree, but are drawn together by the writer. Max: Do you earn from blogging? Do your ad earnings help pay for the costs of maintaining the site? Manolo: Blogging is very expensive not only in terms of equipment (connection to the internet, wear and tear on the computer) but time. It must be viewed as an investment in one's self -career, exposure, credibility, influence and reach- but there will be times when blogging must take the back seat. I have earned a tiny amount from advertising ($100 in one year from google ads!) and have received no donations on Paypal or a single gift book from my Amazon wishlist. However, there is an ongoing project among bloggers to create a new kind of blog income, but I can't reveal it yet (I signed one of those non-disclosure agreements).

Newsroom babies

I brought Lennon to work last Sunday. He wouldn't let go of his mother just as we were leaving for work so we had to bring him with us. His older brother, who says he cannot sleep without him at his side and vice versa, agreed when we explained we couldn't take him with us because he had to wake up early the next day to make it to class on time. The newsroom is a child-friendly environment to work in. Editors and reporters, at times, take their kids to work, especially during weekends. The newsroom also schedules an annual party for its employee's children. Image(051)
Lennon listens to Dora the Explorer Lennon, however, is less of a newsroom baby than Dylan, who practically grew up in one. When I was still with the Independent Post, Marlen and I brought Dylan to work everyday. He grew up talking to a motley crew of writers, artists and techies who never baby-talked him. Maybe that's how he learned to talk early. Once, when we still lived in Cebu City, I saw him talking to our neighbor, an elderly pastor, for more than an hour. Dylan was sitting on the pastor's rocking chair during the conversation and you'd swear they'd paint a picture of two old friends reminiscing old times.