Tim Berners-Lee tries out blogging

(Via del.icio.us) The man who wove the World Wide Web, as Time puts it in a 1999 article, has started blogging to try publishing content using blog tools. Tim Berners-Lee said he never felt the “urge to blog with blogging tools” because he has largely been updating websites using Amaya and Nvu (an excellent open source WYSIWYG editor).

Lee said in his blog: “we have blogs and wikis, and the fact that they are so popular makes me feel I wasn’t crazy to think people needed a creative space.”

Free PHP/MySQL hosting without ads

Pinayhosting offers free MySQL and PHP accounts with no ads. With the free account, you get 25MB of web space, 250MB data transfer (I assume itís a monthly quota, itís not indicated in the FAQs), Cpanel, htaccess and with no forced advertising.) The monthly quota isn’t enough to use the account for your blog. This, however, may be a good site for test accounts on PHP/MySQL scripts. I currently use free hosting accounts with 100 Webspace to try out WordPress themes, plugins and hacks as well as other PHP/MySQL scripts.

Wikipedia comes close to Britannica in accuracy on science entries: Nature

Wikipedia, recently hit by a controversy over a bogus entry on a journalist, comes close in accuracy–in science entries at least–to Britannica, according to a review by Nature magazine.

The review “revealed numerous errors in both encyclopedias, but among 42 entries tested, the difference in accuracy was not particularly great: the average science entry in Wikipedia contained around four inaccuracies; Britannica, about three.” Here’s a table listing the number of inaccurate entries.

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Mandaue ballots appear to have been filled up by only 1 person

That’s the claim of former senator Loren Legarda. “There were many objections. Many ballots have been put aside because it appears only one person did the voting,” Legarda told radio station dyLA yesterday.

Former senator Loren Legarda yesterday said initial revision of contested ballots shows she was robbed of her votes in Mandaue City during the last elections.

Here’s a link to the Sun.Star Cebu article.

Back to three columns again

A few hours ago, I switched back to the previous theme of this site. I really love three-column themes, particularly Jarkolicious.com’s tri-Sexuality WordPress theme. I used a two-column theme based on K2 after I botched the theme (in Explorer-everything renders properly in Firefox) while trying to personalize it a month or two back.

I’ll take another crack at customizing this theme during the holiday break. Right now, everything renders properly in Explorer save for the photos page-which is using a customized style for K2.

Socialists and winos: the year in media errors and corrections

Regret The Error has published its annual roundup of top media errors and corrections. Its top correction of the year went to Denver Daily News’ apology for calling New Jersey ‘Jew Jersey.’

The typo of the year went to Reuters for reporting the recall of 94,400 pounds of ground beef panties.

First runner-up is Dallas Morning News for this correction:

Norma Adams-Wade’s June 15 column incorrectly called Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk a socialist. She is a socialite.

Second runner up was the Liverpool Daily News for the replacement of WNO (Welsh National Opera) with winos, because of an error in the use of a spell checker.

In pope-related errors, the Daily Press in Virginia had to apologize for quoting then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as saying during Pope John Paul II’s funeral: “Today we bury his remains in the earth as a seed of immorality.”

Check out the full listing of top media errors and corrections by clicking this link.

Best Web 2.0 applications

Dion Hinchcliffe lists in his blog what he considers as the top Web 2.0 software of the year. And as with any blog post, check out the comments for links to more services. Here are some of Hinchcliffeís picks according to categories:

Del.icio.us for social bookmarking. Blinklist, Shadows and Clipmarks are runners up.

Netvibes for start pages. Protopage and Start and runners-up. Isnít Start now Live.com? Iím no fan of online start pages. I use a combination of online RSS reader (Google Reader) and ZiddlyWiki to manage my online information.

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Instant WYSIWYG editor Xinha Here now comes with options

The developer of Xinha Here! has released version 0.4 of the must-have Firefox plugin for bloggers and online content creators. The new version runs only on Firefox 1.5 so if you haven’t upgraded yet, get the new installer at Mozilla.

The new version comes with options for the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. The options interface allows you to specify plugins to use with the editor as well as the themes of the editing screen. The new Xinha Here! version comes with seven themes and 22 plugins-such as character map, table operations, find and replace, character counter etc.

Below is the screenshot of the new version using the XP Blue theme. If you arenít familiar with Xinha Here!, hereís my earlier post on the plugin.

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