Domain of Cebu-based newspaper expires is no more. The domain name of the newspaper I used to work for expired and is now just a landing page. The Freeman, however, no longer uses the domain and for months the pages there were no longer updated. has a Google page rank of 5 and when I checked the domain sale details, the page said that the minimum bid for the domain was $3,000.

The Freeman is now part of the Philippine Star Group of Publications and its online version is now hosted at the portal. The problem with its hosting, however, is that it does not have a fixed URL that you can promote in the paper. The link to The Freeman website changes everyday-it is an html page with a date-based filename.

links for 2005-11-24

One button to feed them all

Most blogs have multiple RSS subscription buttons for various newsfeed readers. With the number of existing RSS aggregator services and with the introduction of more readers, you can expect your sidebar to get a bit crowded.

SoloSub simplifies this with a single button that will lead your readers to a landing page containing subscription links to the different RSS aggregator services. It’s a great service—something Feedburner should have thought of for its users.

Smart demonstrates 3G network capabilities in Cebu

Smart's demo of video callSmart demonstrated yesterday its 3G network capabilities in a media briefing in Cebu. The telecom giant has set up a 3G test network in Mactan Island, Cebu, the venue of this year’s Inter-working Roaming Expert Group (IREG) conference.

In yesterday’s briefing, Smart demonstrated a video call between a Smart phone and a phone subscribed to roaming partner Telecom Italia Mobile. The test call wasn’t just to any Telecom Italia Mobile subscriber-it was to IREG chair Lucy Lombardi. Smart said this is the “first inter-network 3G video call in the country.”

Continue reading → free Zope hosting getting to be reliable again

The previous free Zope host of my ZiddlyWiki seems to have fixed its services. I use ZiddlyWiki extensively for note-taking when I’m on a PC. I checked my free account there last week and found that it was still up. I monitored its services for a few days and did not experience any downtime. With this, I quickly reconfigured my ZiddlyWiki account there and have started using it extensively again.

When experienced problems with its servers, I used a free account that I had opened with months back. Still, in my experience,’s services don’t seem to be at par with what offers. FreeZope, for one, doesn’t allow quick imports. And is it just me or is access to FreeZope really slower than’s?

If you have no idea what a ZiddlyWiki is, check out my post here.

Prove Cebu City is not Murder City

Mayor Tomas Osmeña isn’t worried by the rash of killings of suspected criminals in Cebu City. “It’s worse for the city’s image if there are many criminals,” he said in a press conference.

So the recent killings of “criminals”-of previous convicts-don’t give an impression that Cebu City has many criminals?

Mayor Osmeña had admitted he may have created “some sort of influence” when he said in one of his news conferences “to hunt them (criminals) down. All of a sudden, many of them died.”

Continue reading → opens signups to everyone

Anyone can now sign up for a free hosted blog. Previously, you either had to have an invitation or download and use the Flock browser.

WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg said they opened the invitations because “the service has been scaling very well.”

If you’re still looking for a free hosted service for your blog, would be a good choice. It may not offer much design customization yet but it makes up for this with its great blog administration capabilities and interface.