They’re cutting up Cebu in Manila

Cebuano legislators who want their districts carved out as separate provinces are holding the hearings in Manila. Those against the plan have repeatedly pushed for the holding of public hearings in Cebu and rightly so – the issue affects Cebuanos and our sentiments should be heard by the committee taking up the proposals.

If the proponents are convinced of the merits of their proposal and the support of their constituents (which they claim to have) then what’s to fear in holding hearings in Cebu.
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You say local government leaders are feudal?

I first heard of it from a colleague — Mandaue City Mayor Thadeo Ouano’s birthday celebration theme was to be a “halad sa hari” or tribute to the king. Last night, I saw a copy of the invitation (see picture) from another colleague who got the copy from a Mandaue official.

Halad sa hari

I don’t know if the invitation was meant to be funny considering that these are being distributed to government officials.

In the program, there is a schedule for a “Halad” (Cebuano word for offering or tribute) with the halad coming from heads of Mandaue City Hall departments, barangay leaders and families of teachers and a selected City Hall workers. The last entry in the “Halad” was the, you guessed it, “surpresa!!!”

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Darn Explorer

My wife told me the other day that our site wasn’t being properly rendered by Internet Explorer. I haven’t been using Internet Explorer for years and so I wasn’t able to spot it. I wouldn’t have minded if not for the fact that 40% of those who visit the Cybercafe Experiments use Internet Explorer.

Both my and my wife’s sites use the three-column version of Relaxation. It’s among the best WordPress themes out there. The theme’s supposed to render properly in Internet Explorer – check out the author’s site as well as the recently launched Pinoy Tech Blog. In our blogs’ case, Explorer only displays two columns.

I went through the links and scripts I placed in the sidebar and took everything out – putting them back again one by one and taking out those that caused errors in the layout. There’s still an error prompt in Explorer but at least it renders the columns properly.

TiddlyWiki evangelization: An introduction to TiddlyWikis

A TiddlyWiki is a single webpage that you can use as a browser-based notepad or tasks list manager. The page is composed of tiddlers – small packets of information similar to notes you keep in index cards.

The tiddlers are editable — either by double-clicking on them or clicking on the edit menu that appears when your mouse pointer goes over the tiddlers. While writing your notes, you can make a word clickable either by using camel casing — joining two or more words but retaining the capitalization of their first letters — or enclosing the word in double brackets like this [[word]].

The word or phrase will then become clickable and when you click on it, it will open a new tiddler, which you can then use to enter notes.

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Book meme

I was tagged by Alma

Total Books Owned:
Less than a hundred. All that’s left are a couple of dozens (many lost, some borrowed and never returned (a crime I’m also guilty of))

Last Book I Bought:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Last Books I Read:
An E.B. White Reader
The Professor and The Madman

Books I Like To Read:
1) Fantasy
2) Anything with a medieval theme – I was born in the wrong epoch.
3) Non-fiction
4)Science fiction

Books that mean a lot to me:
1) Foucault’s Pendulum
2) The Name of the Rose
3) Les Miserables
4) The Lord of The Rings trilogy and Silmarillion

I passed

Thank God I passed. I got the mail last night. I passed the “Reporting About Information Technology” course handled by industry pioneer Chin Wong. It’s second of the three courses for the diploma program on online journalism. The third course will be Online Journalism, which will be handled by Dr. Elliot King, associate professor of communications at Loyola School in Maryland.

When you need more than just More

In WordPress, you can determine which part of your post gets displayed in the home page as teaser to the full article. You can either do this using excerpts or the more tag.

I suggest you use the More tag: <!–more–> . It’s an easier way to customize the length of the article’s teaser in the home page. You can do this with excerpts but you have to edit the main page to replace the_content with the_excerpt to display the excerpts of the blogpost. There’s a plugin available in this site (external link) if you want to use excerpts.

If you want to continue using more, you can customize the text to be displayed as more link. The template I use only displays the link as [more..]. I wanted the more link to display the title of the article. After checking the WordPress Codex, I found the solution. To make your more link read “Continue reading – (the title of the post)” (check out the more links in this site) edit your main.php file and look for the part with the_content and replace it with this line:
<?php the_content("Continue reading &raquo; " . the_title('', '', false)); ?>

Next WordPress release will have visual editor for posts

WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg announced in his blog that the next version of the blog script (1.6) will have an integrated What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor – tinyMCE.

Users, however, will have an option to turn the WYSIWYG editor off.

I’ve long wanted to install a WYSIWYG plugin for a few of the WordPress sites I help run but I couldn’t make the plugin at www.mudbomb .com run. The WYSIWYG interface gets loaded but I couldn’t use it to write or even edit posts. There’s another plugin – Chen press but I haven’t tried it yet.

For many users, a WYSIWYG editor is ideal because it offers a push button interface -similar to Microsoft Word – to format your blog posts. I’ve tried tinyMCE with Mambo CMS and never had problems using it.