Manage your K750i songs using ITunes Agent

If you want to use iTunes to manage songs in your Sony Ericsson K750i, you can either use Mass Storage Synchronizer (which I wrote about earlier) or iTunes Agent. If you’re not technically adept, Mass Storage Synchronizer may be the software for you as it is simpler to set up than iTunes Agent. Before using […]

Wiki on a K750i? A txt file will do

I’m a huge fan of TiddlyWiki, a standalone web page that you can edit through a browser for just about anything: to-do lists, notes or any other text data. I’m an extensive user of one of its derivatives: the Zope server-based ZiddlyWiki but before that, I used GTDTiddlyWiki, a version that incorporates a getting things […]

Upgraded K750i firmware to latest version

(Update: the latest Sony Ericsson firmware is now: R1CA021) I upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version last night. The new firmware, R1BC002, fixes a lot of bugs and offers several enhancements to the phone. My phone’s previous firmware, R1N035, was three releases behind and still contained bugs. To check the firmware […]

Multi-tasking in the Sony Ericsson K750i

After days of using it, Iím getting to see why the K750i is such a great phone. I tried taking photos using the 2-megapixel cameraphone and found that the quality of the photographs equals, if not exceeds, the Kodak point and shoot digital camera I was using a few years back. The phone can also […]